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WINA is the interim naming authority established by WAP.  The goal of WINA is to foster interoperability and compatibility between WAP implementations through the registration and mediation of assigned names and numbers.  WINA is specifically concerned with names and numbers not already administered by other bodies (e.g., IANA).
WINA Process (PDF Format)
The current WINA process document - describes the overall purpose of WINA, how numbers and names are allocated, etc.  Please read this document before submitting a request for an assigned name or number.
Requests for Assigned Names or Numbers
Requests for WINA assigned names or numbers should be submitted via the WINA request form by selecting the appropriate Name Space.  Requests will be reviewed by the WINA secretary and the Specification Committee, and will be granted if they fulfill the requirements outlined in the Process document.  The assignment of a name or number will be recorded in the WINA database.
WINA Administration
WINA is administered by the WAP Specification Committee( [email protected]).  The WINA secretary can be reached by sending mail to [email protected].  If you have comments on WINA or the WINA processes, please contact either the Specification Committee or the WINA Secretary.
WINA Name and Number Database
The following name and number registries are currently maintained by WINA.