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WSP Header Parameters

The Parameter codes are numeric identifiers for a WSP header parameter. The numbering space is divided into three sections:

  • 0x00 to 0xFF - well-known values, named in the WSP specification.
  • 0x0100 to 0xFFFF - registered values, listed below.
  • 0x010000 to 0xFFFFFF - private or experimental values.  May be used at will.  Listed here simply to advise people of their use. 
See WSP 30-April-1998, sections 8.4.2 and table 38 for more information.

Well Known Values
Parameter Name Assigned
Q 0x00 Q-Value - [WSP:]
charset 0x01 Well-known charset [WSP:]
level 0x02 Version-value [WSP:]
type 0x03 Integer-value [WSP:]
uaprof 0x04 Untyped-value [WSP:]
name 0x05 Text-string [WSP:]
filename 0x06 Text-string [WSP:]
differences 0x07 Field-name [WSP:]
padding 0x08 Short-integer [WSP:]

Registered Values
Content Type Assigned Number Registrant Description

Private or Experimental Values
Content Type Assigned Number Registrant Description