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WSP Header Code Page

WINA registers code page names of the form "v-CompanyToken-".  "CompanyToken" is a short abbreviation that uniquely identifies the company, e.g. a stock ticker symbol or some other well-known abbreviation (like "NOK" or "UP"). The "CompanyToken" must be at least 2 characters in length. In order to register a code page name at least one header code on the page must be defined.

Experimental users do not need to register, but the code page name must start with "x-CompanyToken-". 

See WSP 30-April-1998 for more information on code page negotiation.

Well Known Values

The default code page is reserved, and contains any header code page name that does not begin with "x-" or "v-".  See table 39 in the WSP specification.

Registered Values
Header Code Page Name Registrant Description

Private or Experimental Values
Header Code Page Name Registrant Description