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WMLScript Library ID

WINA assigns numbers for registered WMLScript libraries.  The number space is divided into three segments:

  • 0x00 - 0x7F: Well-known values, managed specified by the WTP working group processes.
  • 0x80 - 0x3FFF: Reserved values, registered and managed by WINA.
  • 0x04000 - 0x1FFFFF: Experimental values, registered by WINA only for advisory purposes
In order to register an WMLScript library identifier, a short description of its use must be provided.  It is helpful if this description includes the list of funciton IDs that the library uses.

See WMLScript 30-April-1998 [WMLS] and  WMLScript Standard Libraries 30-April-1998 [WMLSLib] for more information on library identifiers.

Well Known Values

Library Name Number Description
Lang 0 [WMLSLib:7]
Float 1 [WMLSLib:8]
String 2 [WMLSLib:9]
URL 3 [WMLSLib:10]
WMLBrowser 4 [WMLSLib:11]
Dialogs 5 [WMLSLib:12]
Crypto 6 [WMLSLib:13]
EFI 7 [WMLSLib:14]

Registered Values

Library Name Number Registrant Description

Private or Experimental Values

Library Name Number Registrant Description