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WAP Forum Policy Statements and Notes

The WAP Forum publishes Specification Policy Statements and Notes related to the WAP Forum Specifications. `

The Specification Policy Statements are used to publish statements regarding published WAP specifications. These statements are used to inform the industry about upcoming changes in existing specifications which may affect backwards compatiblity in addition to providing additional information on particular features.

Notes are used to provide the industry information on best current practices related to WAP Forum specifications.

Specification Policy Statements

WTA 1.1

The WTA 1.1 specification has been promoted as part of the WAP 1.1 Specification Suite. However, some issues have been identified with the specification that may cause backwards compatibility and interoperability problems. The purpose of this statement is to make the industry aware of these issues and the WAP Forumís plans to address them.

  • Compliance - currently, the WAP Forum compliance process does not include tests to verify compliance with the specification. This is being addressed by the WAP Forum as part of the WAP 1.2 Specification Suite Interoperability and Testing process.
  • Security - the current security solution is WTLS-based and is considered a short-term solution. The WAP Forum is investigating the use of other technologies, such as signed content, to provide a more appropriate long-term solution.
  • Technology Dependencies - the WTA 1.1 specification has dependencies on features, such as Push, which will not be available until the release of the WAP 1.2 specifications.

As a result of these issues, the WAP Forum recommends that the WTA 1.1 specification should NOT be used for commercial deployments.

WSP Push Primatives

The WAP Forum reserves the right to specify the use of the WSP push primitives within all WAP Forum-defined uses of WSP (e.g., WAE browsing and WTA). Use of those primitives in ways other than as specified by the WAP Forum will result in a non-conforming implementation.

The WAP Forum is currently working on specifications for Push functionality. These specifications describe the end-to-end push solution, including interfaces and protocols from the application to the client. The WAP Forum expects to make these specifications available for public review during third quarter 1999.

WTAI GSM Call Transfer Function

The WTA Drafting Committee is currently working on changes to the WTAI (GSM) Version 10-Feb-1999 that may impact backward compatibility for products that implement the Call Transfer function.

The current function specifies two GSM features; the Explicit Call Transfer feature and the Call Deflection feature.

The Explicit Call Transfer feature applies when the user has two calls and wants to connect the other parties in those calls, and at the same time disconnect themselves from the call.

The Call Deflection feature applies when the user wants to deflect an incoming unanswered call to another party.

In the next version of this specification these features will be specified as separate functions and the Call Transfer function will be depreciated.

WAP Forum Notes

Notes, implementation guides, and other public information are listed below. The information contained in these documents does not represent the official opinion of the WAP Forum, or constitute a formal recommendation or specification. This information is provided for informational use only.

WAP Datagram Layer Implementation Guidelines

The WAP Forum has developed a WAP Datagram Layer Implementation Guideline to aid in the development of WAP datagram layer implementations. Developers are encouraged to utilize the information contained within the document to assist in their development efforts.