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Guide to Logo Usage.

This is a guide for using the [email protected]TM logo. The [email protected] CertifiedTM mark, not the [email protected]TM logo by itself, may be used on products and collateral material associated with such products, which have passed the appropriate certification tests and only after you have first agreed to the License Agreement.

Q.   How may I use the WAP logo?
A.   Members and non-members of the WAP Forum may only use the WAP logo as specifically permitted under the Trademark Usage Requirements. Only WAP Forum members and affiliates may use the WAP logo as set forth below under the headings titled, "The Mark" and "Allowed Usage".
Q.  May I print the WAP logo on any color background?
A.  Yes. However, choose the right logo (positive or reverse) for adequate contrast. Ask your printer or graphic artist for advice if your are unsure.
Q.  May I make the WAP logo colors lighter or darker for more or less contrast?
A.  No. Use only PMS 138 (gold) and 100% black.
Q.  May I print the WAP logo and allowed wording on one line?
A.  No. The logo symbol and appropriate group title are to be used as designed on the grid.
Q.  May I modify the WAP logo for a "special effect" in a sign or promotional piece?
A.  No. Please adhere strictly to the logo guidelines regardless of the application.
Q.  Are the PMS 138 (gold) and 100% black for use in the logo only?
A.  No. These colors may also be used for type, background tones, etc.
Q.  What should I do with old WAP logo versions already in use?
A.  Discard them immediately and begin using the new logo on all communications materials.
Q.  Should I anticipate other changes in the logo or graphic standards?
A.  Not in the foreseeable future. However, if any updates are necessary, you will be notified and new materials will be made available.

The grid below will help you reproduce the WAP mark for any application where the logo sheets are impractical. Do not use the WAP mark with any affiliate or institution name that is not approved in writing by the WAP Forum. Under no circumstance should you change any elements of the WAP mark, add decorations, or print it in any color besides 100% white, 100% black or PMS 138 (gold) and 100% black. These rules apply to promotional items (t-shirts, invitations, buttons, posters, etc.) as well as brochures and advertising.
The mark with no affiliate. Use only when referring to the Wireless Application Protocol.   The mark with affiliate. Use when referring to the Wireless Application Protocol designated groups or affiliates.

The logo should be printed on a white or a solid color background whenever possible. The letters "W" and "P" should print in either black or white, and the "@" should print in PMS 138 (gold). If 2-color printing is unavailable or impractical, the entire logo may also be printed in 100% black or 100% white. The logo may be reversed out of a dark, printed color if the underlying paper stock is white or neutral. If the logo is printed in 4-color process use custom mix for gold: 0% cyan, 30.5% magenta, 100% yellow and 0% black. The custom color mix for the intersecting areas is: 0% cyan, 30.5% magenta, 100% yellow and 30% black.

The WAP logo has been designed for a clean, contemporary look and best possible reproduction in all circumstances. Either the two dimensional or three dimensional art is appropriate for use.

These are the most typical ways our new logo design will appear.
The primary version of the logo mark should be used for applications describing the technology. Affiliate logos should be used respectively for applications describing groups or certifications (see below). Electronic versions of the logos are available for download via world wide web at: http://www.wapforum.org/wap_logos However, please be careful to maintain the proper proportions when manipulating the logo on a computer. Overall size may increase or decrease, but other aspects of the logo (leading, type condensation, relative positioning of elements, etc.) should not change.

Only WAP Forum members may use the WAP logo mark with only the words set forth below. Use the grid system above to maintain the proper spacing and visual relationships. It is useful for signage, posters, and other large scale applications. See examples below; do not reduce the letter height to compress a longer name; let the name extend as necessary. The WAP logo mark should always be separated from any other graphic element by a "free space" of at least 2 grid spaces (see above) both horizontally and vertically

The logo uses Franklin Gothic Demi Oblique for institutional and affiliation names. Please refer to the grid above for proper typeface size and alignment.