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Certification Program and Policy

The WAP Forum offers a comprehensive certification and interoperability testing program that covers device testing, content verification, and a set of authoring guidelines to assist developers in providing interoperable WAP applications and services.

This page is dedicated to the device certification program.  For information on other services, please see the Related Information section below.



Related Information:

  • Developers seeking help with with content creation or authoring guidelines should vist our WAP Developer website.

Device Certification Program Overview:

The WAP Forum Conformance Process and Policy Document governs the WAP Forum Certification Program.  The use of the logo and all other WAP Forum trademarks are governed by the License Agreement. You must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in both these documents prior to certification. For your convenience, significant highlights of the of the device certification process are outlined below, a more comprehensive overview can be found in the WAP Forum Certification Guide .

  1. The device certification program is administered on behalf of the WAP Forum by its designated Certification Authority, The Open Group (see their home page).
  2. You will not be granted a license to display or use the WAP Forum Logo until your product has passed the certification test suite and you have formally agreed to all the required terms.
  3. A certified product will be subject to re-certification on an annual basis.
  4. All product information supplied to the Certification Authority will be treated as confidential. However, if requested, you must provide proof of compliance and certification.
  5. The WAP Forum Certification Authority may, from time to time, audit your test results and/or request proof that your product remains in compliance with the requirements outlined in the WAP Forum Conformance Process and Policy Document.

I have read the WAP Forum Conformance Process and Policy Document and the License Agreement, I agree to their terms, and I wish to apply for WAP Device Certification .