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New Member Quotes
June 1999

Fantastic Corporation, The

"The Fantastic Corporation supports the goal of the WAP Forum to bring diverse companies together," said Peter Pircher, chief technology officer for The Fantastic Corporation. "As a provider of IP-based software solutions that enable mobile devices to receive high quality content, Fantastic see tremendous value in developing global standards that will ensure the continuing growth of the wireless industry."

KPN Mobile Network Operations

"Following the introduction of Short Messaging Service, the Wireless Application Protocol offers mobile users numerous attractive and practical options for communication over the Internet or using IP-based services," said Wim van den Berg, senior vice president of KPN Mobile Network Operations. "WAP has ample room for growth thanks to the long-awaited increase of bandwidth in GSM communication."


"WAP will finally give mobile users of data the freedom they have always dreamed of – freedom with the security of being connected to any application, any data, when and where they need it," said Joseph Kranitz, general manager for Lexacom. "Lexacom’s participation in the WAP Forum allows us to continue our leadership in the wireless marketplace, influencing wireless standards and providing cutting edge technology to our customers."

LG Information and Communications (LGIC), Ltd.

"We think WAP will play a crucial role in disclosing a wireless Internet age and hope WAP keeps maintaining its leadership in this area," said Stephen S. Juh, vice president of LG Information and Communications (LGIC), Ltd.

Peramon Technology

"WAP provides the mechanism for Internet content and services for mobile phones and other wireless devices, which in turn, allows individuals to access critical information anywhere, anytime," said John Kell, research and development director for Peramon Technology. "Peramon delivers wireless Internet software products and joined the WAP Forum to ensure the company is proactive in this important marketplace."

RTS Wireless

"WAP is an important evolution in standards for wireless data applications," said Bruce Laskin, vice president of market and product development for RTS Wireless. "RTS has a tradition of being at the forefront of technology and standards. Joining the WAP Forum supports this tradition as well as our product plans to deliver world-class WAP-enabled messaging switches and server software to both the wireless carrier and the enterprise."

TANTAU Software

"Our customers are implementing new solutions that go beyond traditional Internet applications by taking advantage of the ever growing number of mobile communication appliances to deliver their services to their clients," said Harald Sammer, executive vice president and CTO of TANTAU Software, Inc. "Joining the WAP Forum was a natural decision for TANTAU Software to extend our support for customers delivering their new solutions into the eBusiness market."


"Mobile networks will play a central role in the future as an ideal platform for electronic commerce. In this context, banks’ position in the value chain has to be maintained and confirmed. WAP is the technological answer to this challenge," said Thomas J. Avedik, director, head of Telebanking for UBS AG.