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MARKET TRIAL BETWEEN T-MOBIL, Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) & SIEMENS

Innovative Wireless Internet Services through Integration of WAP Functionality

HANNOVER, Germany at CeBIT'99 (March 22, 1999) - Siemens' Information and Communication Networks Group, Munich, and T-Mobil, Bonn, together with Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Inc., Silicon Valley today announced a field trial with the integration of a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) compatible soft-ware platform from Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) into the GSM Infrastructure at T-Mobil. The aim of the market trial is the common development of systems and innovative applications based on WAP. The first presentation of these new Internet services was shown at CeBIT 1999.

In the market trial, Siemens is integrating the UP.Link™ Server from Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) within the GSM network of T-Mobil, in order to offer optimized access for wireless devices to new information services hosted on the Internet. The microbrowser phone and network platform enables access across the Internet to special services offered by T-Mobil and Siemens during the field trial. In this role, Siemens delivers a turnkey end-to end WAP solution, from the services and infrastructure to the GSM mobile phones. Furthermore, Siemens' partner 3Com provides the Total Control Multiservice Access Platform as Remote Access Server and Gateway between the Mobile Network Infrastructure and the IP world and allows WAP-enabled mobile phones and terminals like Siemens' new mobile phone S 25 and 3Com's Palm-Organizer-Family to be used within the presentation at CeBIT.

The WAP platform supplied by Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), assures quick access to Web sites optimized for display on the screens of mobile phones and terminals. With WAP, customers can access not only the classical Internet services such as sports, news, and email, from existing Web servers and data bases, but also network specific information, i.e. billing information, call control and over air activation of services from trusted Web servers within the network.

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) defines the standard for the purposeful retrieval of Web-based information, giving mobile phone users interactive, efficient and simple access to key information services on the World Wide Web. The WAP services can also be combined with other Intelligent Network (IN) services and provide an excellent compliment to GSM Phase 2+ and GPRS data service enhancements. Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Siemens and T-Mobil are all members of the WAP Forum.

About T-Mobil
T-Mobil (Deutsche TelekomMobilNet GmbH) is a hundert percent subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobil is headquartered in Bonn. In Germany, it is operating the digital GSM-network T-D1 which is currently used by some 5.9 million customers.

About Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Inc. is a growing pre-IPO company and leading international supplier of open standards-based servers and microbrowsers to the wireless industry. UP delivers a complete WAP-ready product line, including microbrowser, server, phone application suite and software development kit. The UP.Link Platform enables mass-market mobile phones running UP.Browser™ to access Internet- and intranet-based applications and services, quickly and cost efficiently. UP products support multiple airlink protocols, with implementations for GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PDC, PHS and CDPD. The privately held company has offices in London and Tokyo. Visit www.uplanet.com® or www.uplanet.co.uk for more information. Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) is a founder member of WAP and currently holds the chair of the forum.

About Siemens
The Siemens Information and Communication Networks Group was established on October 1, 1998 as part of the restructuring of the Siemens information and communication activities. Information and Communication Networks has around 60,000 employees and sales of about DM 24 billion, making it one of the world's leading suppliers of end-to-end solutions for voice, data and mobile networks. Information and Communication Networks provides products, systems, solutions, servicing and support for setting up, operating and maintaining complete corporate and carrier networks. It also offers ancillary services ranging from network planning and financial consultancy through startup support to user training. Being one of the worlds leading suppliers, Siemens has already provided more than 110 network operators in 62 countries with GSM technology. Further information on this Siemens Group can be found on the Internet at http://www.siemens.com/ic/networks/.

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