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WAP Forum Members Demonstrate Latest Wireless Internet Products at CeBIT 99

HANNOVER, Germany - The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum will have a significant presence at CeBIT, March 18-24, 1999. The Wireless Application Protocol is an open, global specification that empowers mobile users with wireless devices to easily access and interact with information and services instantly. With membership approaching 100 companies worldwide, the WAP Forum is the industry association that has developed this de-facto world standard for Internet communications, wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless terminals.

The primary goal of the WAP Forum is to bring together companies from all segments of the wireless industry value chain to ensure product interoperability and growth of the wireless market. WAP Forum members represent more than 90 percent of the global handset market, carriers with more than 100 million customers, leading infrastructure providers, software developers and other organizations providing solutions to the wireless industry.

Companies in Europe, Asia and North America are racing to deliver WAP applications to market. Here is a sampling of recent announcements from WAP Forum members. Many of these products and services will be demonstrated at CeBIT 99.


Alcatel's One Touch POCKET is one of the world's first WAP-compatible GSM mobile phones to provide Internet services. The phones, which use Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)'s WAP microbrowser, will be made available to consumers by Cegetel.

APiON (Hall 5, Stand 06)

APiON has developed a WAP Gateway for interoperability between a web server and a mobile client. This will be demonstrated at CeBIT via remote access to its server of applications based in Belfast, North Ireland.


Through an agreement with Alcatel, Cegetel plans to be one of the first operators worldwide to offer WAP-compliant, online interactive services to GSM mobile phone users.

Comverse Network Systems (Hall 16, Stand F05/1)

At CeBIT, Comverse will show its wireless unified messaging system that utilizes a WAP browser to show integrated mailbox inventory (voice, fax, e-mail) by sender ID, provide intelligent notification, allow the user to read e-mails on the handset display, and offer other features that take advantage of the browser's visual user interface.


The eight cellular companies of the DDI Cellular and Nippon Ido Tsushin (IDO) groups in Japan are launching nationwide CDMA (code division multiple access) services, which will support wireless Internet access from cellular phones using WAP. The services will be enabled by Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)'s WAP-compatible server technology.

Dr. Materna GmBH (Hall 3, Stand B29)

Dr. Materna offers a complete WAP Gateway, including content hosting and content packaging, to be demonstrated at CeBIT. All WAP services launched by Mannesmann Mobilfunk, the leading GSM network operator in Germany, have been developed and realized by Dr. Materna.

Ericsson (Hall 26, Stand D68)

Ericsson has developed a new WAP-enabled handset, which will be demonstrated at Stand D68, Hall 26. In addition, the company will demonstrate a WAP Gateway and Developer's Kit in Hall 17, Stand B31.

France Telecom

Through an agreement with Nokia, France Telecom plans to be one of the first operators worldwide to offer WAP-compliant, value-added services, such as Internet and intranet access, to GSM mobile phone users.

GSM Information Network

GSM Information Network is implementing WAP through GIN and developing "live" WAP services.

IBM (Hall 1, Stand 4G2)

At CeBIT, IBM will demonstrate user access to Lotus Domino calendar, e-mail and other services through a WAP-enabled Nokia mobile phone.

Logica Aldiscon

Logica Aldiscon is developing a WAP Gateway.

Matsushita (Hall 1, Stand 6C2)

Matsushita has licensed Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)'s WAP-compatible microbrowser for Panasonic's next generation of digital wireless mobile phones that support the GSM, TDMA (IS-136), PDC, PHS and cdmaOne airlink standards. Matsushita will demonstrate the Panasonic G600 model at its stand at CeBIT.

Motorola (Hall 26, Stand E40/E60)

Motorola has developed one of the world's first WAP-enabled phones - the i1000plus handset - utilizing Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)'s WAP microbrowser. At CeBIT, the company will demonstrate one of the world's smallest and lightest browser-capable phones - the V Series. Motorola will also demonstrate a unified messaging system, which is delivered via WML, on an emulation of a smart phone.


Nextel plans to support the WAP standard in all of its next-generation iDen digital mobile phones as well as in the Nextel Online family of Internet-based wireless services, enabled by Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)'s WAP-compatible server technology.

Nokia Mobile Phones (Hall 26, Stand E68)

Nokia has developed one of the world's first WAP-enabled phones - the Nokia 7110 GSM dual-band phone. The company will demonstrate the 7110 at its stand at CeBIT showing several content providers including the CNN Mobile service, as well as the Nokia WAP Software Developer's Kit.

Nokia Telecommunications (Hall 16, Stand F07)

Nokia Telecommunications has developed the Nokia Artus Messaging Platform (NAMP), which will be demonstrated at its stand at CeBIT. NAMP has a WAP Gateway functionality, enabling operators to start implementing their WAP strategy.

Oracle (Hall 1, Stand 6A2)

At CeBIT, Oracle will demonstrate a prototype of a new product that enables any WAP device to access any Internet content or application, including secure internet commerce services, such as banking or travel booking, and including content that is too complex for simple "web clipping." The company will also demonstrate how this new product will enable WAP portals, which end-users can customize to create their own "Personal WAP portal."


Orange, one of the world's most advanced and fastest-growing digital mobile phone companies, is trialing the Nokia WAP platform and 7110 handset at CeBIT. Orange is demonstrating a range of potential multimedia services that provide news, banking, entertainment, traffic and travel information. Orange is also currently running a trial in the United Kingdom of Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)'s WAP platform.


Samsung is incorporating the Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) WAP microbrowser into its SGH-800 GSM wireless handset.


Sendit's ICSA (Internet Cellular Smart Access) solution for WAP applications enables cellular operators to offer their subscribers a wide range of value-added services including mobile e-mail, secure Internet and intranet access.

Siemens (Hall 14, Stand H14)

Siemens has developed its new browser-enabled wireless handset S25. At CeBIT, Siemens will work with Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) and T-Mobil to show the new S25 with an SMS WAP browser as well as the S25 with an infrared link to a Palm Pilot with a circuit switched WAP browser.


Spyglass Prism software converts HTML content into WML format for support of WAP-compliant devices.

Tecnomen Oy (Hall 17, Stand F55)

Tecnomen Oy will demonstrate its WAP-based unified messaging system at CeBIT.


T-Mobil is working with Nokia and Siemens to demonstrate a wide array of WAP services working on different WAP-enabled mobile phones at CeBIT.

Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) (Hall 26, Stands A20, A21, 32)

Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) has developed the industry-leading WAP microbrowser, which has been licensed by the world's largest handset manufacturers to bring Internet services to mass-market mobile phones. The company's CeBIT demonstration will feature WML content running on GSM handsets and networks, featuring valued-added telephony applications and information services, such as stock, news, and traffic reports.

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