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(July 7, 1999) - New Technology Being Previewed at CeBit Utilizes Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) To Bring Existing Internet Content To Web-Enabled Mobile Devices

HANOVER, Germany, March 17, 1999 - At CeBit this week, Oracle Corp. will preview Project Panama, the first technology of its kind for seamlessly delivering dynamic Web content to users of mobile devices, including GSM smart-phones, Windows CE devices and Palm Pilots. Project Panama will provide customers instant access to personalized, Web-based services worldwide, and will eliminate the need to modify content for wireless devices.

Project Panama will enable Internet and mobile service providers to deliver personalized services and content directly to mobile devices. Customers will be able to check flight information and weather reports, and purchase goods and services from their mobile devices' creating the first dynamic interchange between the mobile user and the Web. Content providers will also benefit from the ability to extend their reach beyond the desktop PC to a whole new group of mobile device users.

"Telia and Oracle have developed the prototype for Project Panama which removes all the limitations, including re-coding and manual customization, to bringing dynamic Web content to mobile devices," said Lars Persson, executive vice president, Telia Mobile. "Eliminating these technical barriers allows us to focus on service differentiation and deliver personalized Web content directly to mobile phones."

"Project Panama demonstrates Oracle's continued commitment to innovation and promoting the Internet as the foundation of computing," said Chuck Rozwat, senior vice president, Server Technologies Division at Oracle Corp. "This new technology will create vast new market opportunities for providers of content and services by extending the value of the Internet and delivering personalized content and services directly to mobile devices."

Currently, service and content providers and mobile operators must create custom Web content designed to meet the special requirements of mobile devices, including limited screen size and memory. Project Panama will remove the limitations of retrieving Web-based material by automatically translating the HTML- or XML-based format of Internet content to the languages understood by wireless devices. Utilizing protocols including WAP, Project Panama will enable access to all existing Web content through mobile devices.

Project Panama can be integrated seamlessly into the existing network infrastructure and will be built on top of Oracle's Internet platform, providing the reliability, scalability and security necessary for simultaneously supporting a range of wireless devices.

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