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Scandinavian Softline Technology licensing Nokia's WAP technology

(June 18, 1999) - Scandinavian Softline Technology (SST) has agreed on the licensing of Nokia's WAP technology. SST will be licensed to use Nokia's WAP technology, which is specified according to WAP 1.1 standards. The technology component has been designed for software developers who want to include WAP enabling wireless features in their products. Implementation supports security solutions presented in the WAP (1.1) specification and is independent of the network technology used (GSM, CDMA, TDMA, D AMPS or PDC).

Added value services realized with WAP technology diversify the use of mobile communicators into new areas. In addition to traditional phone services, mobile phones and other WAP compatible terminals will be used for banking, making travel reservations and for reading email, among other things. WAP services give companies and operators the opportunity to produce totally new kinds of services producing added value for consumers.

"We chose Nokia as our technology partner because it is the world's leading manufacturer of terminal equipment and it also holds a strong position in the WAP Forum. With Nokia, continued development of the technology is guaranteed," says SST President Mikael Roos. "Our goal is to advance rapidly on global markets and to take our share from it. Our innovative solutions tested through the years, our good references and Nokia's WAP technology are our weapons in the battle for market shares."

Data traffic over wireless networks is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years. The drivers of the growth are WAP technology, which enables open wireless content service, easy to use WAP media phones, and the continuos increase in data transmission rates.

Nokia is a founding member of the WAP Forum and a strong leader in the industry. Scandinavian Softline Technology is the eighth member of WAP Forum. By licensing WAP technology and by offering the tools needed for software development, Nokia wants to support content service providers and the fast adoption of WAP technology.

"The innovative Scandinavian Softline Technology is in the forefront as a software supplier of added value services. It has succeeded in developing, testing and launching leading products in the industry, in both the SMS and the Smart Messaging sides. Now it is the new WAP content services' turn," says Sales Director Timo Teimonen of the Nokia Wireless Software Solutions.

SST Scandinavian Softline Technology is a Finnish software company founded in 1984. The company develops and markets software products and added value services that make the transmission of wireless information and communications convenient and easy (Wireless Information Messaging Services WIMS). With the company's main product, SST MobileNet, it is possible to send content from all information sources, such as the Internet, Intranet, or email using SMS messages to mobile terminals operating on a GSM network. SST has supplied more than one million user licenses to customers around the world since 1986. Among the users of SST's technology solutions are Helsinki Telephone Company, Reuters, Swisscom, Mandarin Communications and Sonofon.

Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile and fixed telecom networks including related customer services. Nokia also supplies solutions and products for fixed and wireless datacom, as well as multimedia terminals and computer displays. In 1998, net sales totaled EUR 13.3 billion (USD 15.7 billion). Headquartered in Finland, Nokia is listed on the New York (NOK), Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges, has sales in over 130 countries and employs more than 47,000 people worldwide. Internet: www.nokia.com

Nokia Wireless Software Solutions is a Nokia unit focusing on the development of WAP technology and mobile solutions and applications for corporations and service providers, as well as mobile software platforms for software developers and system integrators. Internet: www.nokia.com/corporate/wap


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