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Eircell Select Apion to Supply WAP Infrastructure Products

30 August 1999 ¾ Belfast, Northern Ireland, Telecoms Software Company, Apion has been selected to supply its WAP Gateway and associated services to Ireland’s biggest Mobile Operator, Eircell.

The Apion WAP Gateway will give Eircell, the ability to provide Internet content and applications directly to the handsets of its customers. Apion was the first company in the world to commercially launch a gateway product that complied with Version 1.1 of the WAP Specification.

Denis Murphy, Apion’s Managing Director said:

"Our WAP Gateway will help to move the level of service mobile operators can offer customers onto a different plane. It is a tremendous endorsement of our work that such a reputable and innovative operator as Eircell should select our product. We at Apion believe that WAP will become the de facto mechanism for delivery of mobile value added services in the new millennium"

Eircell is one of the first European mobile operators to introduce WAP, which will be operational on the 087 network from the Autumn. This will coincide with the launch of WAP compatible handsets from the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers.

These handsets will have much larger screens, allowing more information to be shown and many phones will have a miniature built-in “mouse” which will allow easy on-screen navigation.

Using WAP, Eircell customers will be able to browse through a variety of information services including travel, entertainment and business services via the screen of the mobile handset. Users can select different options and navigate through the information using simple, user-friendly “drop down” menus. Both those familiar and un-familiar with the Internet should find the new service easy to use.

"We are very excited to be the first operator in Ireland to bring this advanced technology to the Irish market. WAP will dramatically extend the reach of the Internet and turn what is already a global phenomenon into a mobile phenomenon," said Stephen Brewer, chief executive of Eircell.

He added: “The mobile phone is becoming increasingly more important for data communications as well as voice communications. This new development extends the possibilities of the mobile phone. WAP is the next stage in the evolution of the mobile phone as it moves from being an simple, auditory device to a fully fledged Personal Digital Assistant.”

Over £1million will be spent on the necessary network technology to make WAP possible. This will be carried out in conjunction with Irish Software Company Apion.

The APiON WAP gateway has been designed for scalability and to facilitate easy integration with existing network infrastructure, such as wireless data bearers, billing and network management systems. Denis Managing Director said “We are committed to delivering central office grade WAP infrastructure solutions that will allow our customers to provide a reliable and scalable WAP service. APiON is very pleased to be working with Eircell with the specific objective of making Ireland a showcase for innovative WAP applications and content, based on our Telecoms strength WAP Infrastructure Products.”

About APiON

APiON is well established as a world-leading Telecommunications Software Company with significant expertise and competence in a range of network infrastructure technologies including Switching, Signaling, Wireless Data, Internet Integration, and Intelligent Networks. APiON is actively involved in WAP Forum activities, and is committed to being 'first-to-market' with new and innovative functionality as the WAP standards develop. For additional information on APiON, contact the Company on the World Wide Web at www.apion-tss.com.

For further information please contact:
Richard McConnell
Research & Development Director
tel +44 (0) 1232 269102
email: [email protected]

Michael Curran
Business Development Director
tel +1 408 370 5281
email: [email protected]

About Eircell

Eircell is Ireland’s leading provider of mobile phone services. It is part of the Telecom Eireann Group and employs over 800 people.

Currently, one in five people in Ireland are Eircell customers. Every month the company invests more than 5 million Euros in infrastructure and systems.

For further information please contact:
Maire O’Sullivan
087 243 3304
[email protected]

Darren Connolly
Edelman PR
087 260 4441
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