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Leap forward for mobile electronic commerce:


16 March 1999 - A new software product from telecommunications company Aspiro means a leap forward for mobile electronic commerce. The new software product, Wireless Trader, makes it possible for Internet-based stock brokers to offer their customers trading of shares directly from a cellular phone.

The first version of Wireless Trader was successfully tested on Monday, a purchase of 50 Europolitan shares at Aktiedirekt, making the world's first transaction of shares via cellular phone. At the same time, Aktiedirekt and Europolitan announced that they will launch a mobile stock trading service awaiting the availability of WAP- telephones on the market.

"Leading participants such as Aktiedirekt and Europolitan choosing to collaborate with Aspiro only adds to the credibility of our products, competence in the area, and WAP's technological possibilities", says Christer Månsson, Managing Director for Aspiro.

Big market
The software product Wireless Trader integrates with the stock broker's existing trading system and makes this accessible to the user from a cellular phone. Wireless Trader will be launched towards Internet-based stock brokers around Europe.

"We have had initial contact with several stock brokers in which we found the interest to be great. The market for this software product is considerable, just in Sweden alone exists at least a dozen Internet-based stock brokers", says Christer Månsson.

Internet on cellular phones
Aspiro's Wireless Trader is one of the world's first commercially applicable software product based on the new WAP-technology. WAP - Wireless Application Protocol - makes it possible to transfer services and information from Internet to the cellular phone and vice versa. This requires a WAP-telephone, which is an ordinary GSM-telephone with a web browser. Nokia's 7110, which was launched in February at the GSM World Congress in Cannes is a WAP-telephone, is expected to be on the market before summer.


Aspiro is a telecommunications company that develops and markets mobile business and information services to companies in the Nordic market. Aspiro has 15 employees and offices in Malmö, Karlskrona and Oslo.

For more information contact: Christer Månsson, President Aspiro. Telephone 0709-91 80 01.
E-mail: [email protected]