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LOGICA ALDISCON and APiON conduct WAP Interworking Trials

Logica Aldiscon’s Telepath SMSC interworking with APiON’s WAP Gateway to provide complete WAP infrastructure solution.

CTIA, New Orleans, USA, Feb 8th, 1999 – Logica Aldiscon, the leading provider of messaging infrastructure products and APiON Ltd., a cutting edge network software provider, today announced that the two companies have commenced interworking trials involving Logica Aldiscon’s wireless data infrastructure products, including Telepath SMSC and USSD Server (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) with the APiON WAP Gateway.

The trial will serve to demonstrate interoperability between the WAP Gateway and Telepath SMSC which includes WAP message transfer support for both TDMA/IS-136 and GSM networks and provides an Express Messaging mode, specifically designed for WAP applications. Additionally, interworking between the Logica Aldiscon USSD Server and the APiON WAP Gateway will demonstrate real-time, session based interaction between a WAP application server and WAP enabled mobile devices.

APiON’s WAP gateway will be released in early 2nd quarter 1999 and enables wireless devices to access WAP and information content services in the mobile operator’s network or from the internet. The APiON WAP gateway has been designed for scalability and will allow easy integration with existing network infrastructure, such as wireless data bearers, billing and network management systems. Early interoperability work and demonstration of WAP service concepts have been carried out using a currently available alpha release of the WAP Gateway. At the recent WAP Conference in London, this system, combined with the Geoworks’ Premion™ Interface+™ demonstrated the first public showing of WAP multi-vendor interoperability.

Service Providers are keen to see utilization of existing wireless data infrastructure to facilitate the introduction of WAP based services early in the third quarter of 1999 and interworking testing is a critical step in verifying that technologies from different vendors work seamlessly together.

“WAP infrastructure providers must demonstrate to the service provider community that WAP technology will integrate seamlessly with current network infrastructure,” said Richard McConnell, APiON’s Research and Development Director. “Interworking trials with infrastructure providers such as Logica Aldiscon will show that the APiON WAP Gateway can be introduced into the network quickly, with minimum effort and will immediately provide a new revenue stream based on increased utilization of existing equipment."

“Logica Aldiscon is committed to providing market leading WAP based infrastructure products based on our innovative technology solutions such as Express Messaging,” states Joe Cunningham, Logica Aldiscon’s Technical Director. “Our customers around the world are now well positioned to profit from the many new WAP based 'push and pull' type applications we expect to see over the coming months. Together with APiON we can demonstrate the potential for new and exciting value added services which can be offered over existing wireless data bearers.”

Logica Aldiscon and APiON will be showcasing WAP products at CTIA.
Please visit us at Booth Number 5933

Both Logica Aldiscon and APiON are members of the WAP Forum, an industry consortium driving WAP viability and acceptance. The WAP Forum has established specifications for an advanced protocol that works across different wireless network technologies and devices internationally. With strong industry support from companies such as Logica Aldiscon and APiON, WAP is expected to easily enable multi-vendor interworking across multiple networks.

About Logica Aldiscon
Logica Aldiscon (www.aldiscon.com), the Mobile Telecommunications product subsidiary of Logica plc. is the world leading provider of messaging infrastructure products, intelligent network solutions (such as Pre-Paid) and inter-network mobility solutions to Digital Cellular, PCS, and Satellite network operators. Logica Aldiscon’s customer base includes over 100 wireless network service providers and it has established a global presence in the fast moving mobile telecommunications marketplace with regional points of presence in UK, Germany, Sweden, India, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, North America and South America.

Logica Aldiscon has deployed its market leading Telepath SMSC product in over 200 live sites worldwide supporting all major cellular network technologies including GSM, ANSI-41 and PDC. Other cellular network infrastructure products offered by Logica Aldiscon include Cell Broadcast Center, USSD Server, Equipment Identity Register, Home Location Register, Roaming Interworking Gateway, Pre-Paid products, Computer Aided Radio Engineering services and Customer Care and Billing solutions.

Logica Aldiscon is accredited to the internationally recognized ISO 9001/TickIT quality standard since 1995 and is an active participant in international Telecommunications Standards bodies including ETSI, TIA, CTIA, UWC Global Forum (TDMA), CDMA Forum, the WAP Forum and the Global Mobile Suppliers Association.

About APiON
APiON is well established as a world-leading Telecommunications Software Company with significant expertise and competence in a range of network infrastructure technologies including Switching, Signaling, Wireless Data, Internet Integration, and Intelligent Networks. APiON is actively involved in WAP Forum activities, and is committed to being 'first-to-market' with new and innovative functionality as the WAP standards develop. For additional information on Apion, contact the Company on the World Wide Web at http://www.apion-tss.com

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