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Aug. 23, 1999 - Aether Systems, Inc., the leading independent provider of wireless data computing services and solutions, today announced its membership in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum. WAP is the leading standard for wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless information appliances. Today, Aether enables companies to deploy wireless solutions nationwide regardless of their preferred information appliance, network carrier, or platform operating system. As a member of the WAP Forum, Aether joins more than 125 of the wireless industry's leading companies in their efforts to ensure product interoperability and continued growth of the wireless market.

Aether is the first WAP Forum member to offer an end-to-end wireless solution, via its Enterprise Data Wireless Center (EDWC). The Wireless Center enables companies to rapidly, securely and cost-effectively extend their enterprise information management systems nationwide to mobile workers and clients utilizing state-of-the-art wireless data technologies. A core component of the Wireless Center is Aether Intelligent Messaging (AIM), a wireless transport and development platform that allows for the reliable, secure, optimized transport of data across wireless networks. Aether's complete solution provides everything from systems engineering, the AIM software and network operations to product fulfillment and customer support.

"Aether's membership in the WAP Forum will support integration of the WAP specifications into our AIM software and provide support for WAP-enabled devices as part of our Wireless Center," said George Davis, chief operating officer for Aether Systems. "This will allow our customers to continue to develop and deploy wireless solutions that take advantage of the latest innovations in wireless technology."

"Ericsson is working with Aether to develop wireless data solutions for our WAP-enabled smart phones and two-way pagers for the online financial investment community," said Hans Davidsson, vice president and general manager, Ericsson Wireless Internet Solutions. "Aether's participation in the WAP Forum will allow us to collectively leverage the expertise of other industry leaders as we develop solutions to take advantage of next-generation wireless solutions."

About Aether

Aether is a one-stop global provider of wireless software and services connecting people to the information they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Aether allows individuals to receive real-time data on handheld wireless devices, using virtually any kind of wireless data network. Aether's products include Reuters MarketClip, providing real-time financial market information, graphs, alerts and news stories, and TradeRunner(sm) from Discover Brokerage. TradeRunner provides Reuters MarketClip information plus the ability to trade equities, options and mutual funds. Aether's ability to deliver real-time, secure and reliable wireless solutions comes through proven expertise in wireless system engineering, software tools and services, wireless network operations, product fulfillment and customer support. For more information, visit the Aether Web site at www.aethersystems.com.

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