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[June 29th, 1999, London]:- Wireless e-commerce solutions provider Digital Mobility Limited has joined The WAP Forum.

London-based Digital Mobility joins the WAP Forum members alongside more than 110 other players in the worldwide consortium, whose membership includes terminal and infrastructure manufacturers, operators, carriers, service providers, software houses and content providers.

Targeting European executives keen to pay for the convenience and flexibility of personalised, secure access to content- and transaction based services, Digital Mobility is creating a technology platform for the wireless delivery of:

  • Banking services - On-line access & Account management
  • Travel management - Booking & Ticketing
  • Stock trade - Real time portfolio management
  • Real-time information & Notifications - Quotes, News & Schedules
  • Insurance purchase - Pension Management & Additional cover

Digital Mobility's "Wireless Portal" technology will bring together these high-value content providers and end-users by offering:

  • Control of the content from content provider to end user;
  • A secure solution for authentication;
  • Multiple service aggregation;
  • A single point of entry that spans packaged, focussed services and billing;
  • A mix of push and pull services;
  • Support for multiple user profiles;
  • Personal profiling for all services and terminals;
  • Profile-driven content branding;
  • Solid established partnerships with mobile communication vendors;
  • A future-proofed solution that will capitalise on technologies such as GPRS, EDGE & UMTS

Digital Mobility's competitive advantage is built around WAPHUB, a proprietary "wireless gateway" middleware application that provides:

  • A stable message-oriented interface to a rapidly evolving technology platform;
  • A "trusted client" of content systems with in-built systems to ensure security and transactional integrity.

Digital Mobility is currently negotiating with banking, financial services, travel and other partners to offer a portfolio of information and transaction-based services targeted at mobile executives that will be enabled by its WAPHUB-based wireless portal. It is anticipated that an initial portfolio of services will be announced by Digital Mobility later this year.

Speaking on the eve of the WAP Developers' Conference, held in San Francisco on June 29, Digital Mobility Technical Director Dr Janko Flogel commented:

"Digital Mobility is first in a new wave of value-added providers who will bring together mobile users with sellers of high-value information and services. As an operator-neutral organisation, we offer an exciting new delivery channel where financial institutions and other content providers can offer their services to mobile executives with the benefits of personal profiling and assured transactional security.

"Through the medium of WAP devices and other emergent technologies we will soon see the full vision of 'one to one' marketing realised through the design of digital mobility into business. Digital Mobility will play its part in this multi-billion dollar market opportunity, generating significant revenue opportunities, forging new customer relationships and creating an entirely new value chain."

Notes to Editors:

  1. Operating from headquarters in London, Digital Mobility Limited was established in 1999 to serve the "high net worth European executive" through Information / Communication / Authentication / Transaction services provided through fixed and mobile networks.
  2. Digital Mobility Limited is creating a profitable industry founded on a ubiquitous environment in which people can easily access and control their assets from anywhere, at any time through the convergence of portable and networked communication technologies.
  3. Digital Mobility Limited is backed by investment from Swedish Venture Capital fund Ledstiernan.
  4. WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) is an initiative started by Unwired Planet, Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson to develop a standard for wireless content delivery on the next generation of mobile communicators. WAP is the de facto worldwide standard for providing Internet communications and advanced telephony services on digital mobile phones, pagers, PDA's and other wireless terminals.

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