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  • This technology allows access to Internet information using mobile phones without the need for a computer.
  • Telefónica Móviles, who joined the WAP Forum consortium in January, is the first Spanish operator to be represented.

    Madrid, 26 April.- Telefónica Móviles, Spain's leading mobile phone operator, has begun carrying out service trials in its laboratories on WAP technology (Wireless Application Protocol) with two of the leading manufacturers' servers and equipment, these being Nokia and the Alcatel/Unwired Planet partnership. As Spain's only member of the WAP Forum and the first to give full support to the alliance between mobile phones and the Internet, Telefónica Móviles will soon be offering its customers the first applications that work with these technologies.

    WAP technology allows information available on the Internet to be accessed from mobile phones, without needing to use computers. The information is received on the screens of handsets that have the capacity to work with this technology, and the information can be viewed in text and/or graphic formats.

    Telefónica Móviles joined the WAP Forum consortium in January, participating as an active member at the WAP Meeting held last week in Montreux (Switzerland) which put the finishing touches to aspects such as security in e-commerce transactions, "push" type service creation, system interoperability tests etc. It is considered essential to define these aspects before proceeding to the final vote on WAP protocols that is due to take place in June this year.

    According to Miguel Menchén, Telefónica Móviles' Service Development Manager, "This technology will enable us to convert information on the internet into information available to our five million MoviStar customers, significantly improving the usefulness of their mobile phones. It will also broaden the range of services that are supplied: navigation through web pages from the mobile phone, e-mail to and from the mobile', and diverse applications relating to companies' business using their Intranets."

    The WAP Forum is a consortium of companies devoted to the development of applications, phones and the specifications of this technology. This consortium is made up of manufacturers and companies interested in the development of Internet-mobile phone convergence technology along with telecoms operators and related companies who will establish new service solutions using this technology.