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Unwired Universe '99 Brings Together Developers, Manufacturers, and Network Operators for Web-enabled Wireless Phones Using the Wireless Application Protocol

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (April 15, 1999) - Unwired Planet, Inc. (now Phone.com) (UP) today announced the Unwired Universe™ '99 conference. The conference will bring together Internet content developers, application developers, wireless phone manufacturers, and wireless network operators worldwide. Designed to highlight the adoption and deployment of Microbrowser-enabled wireless phones and information services utilizing the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Unwired Universe '99 will be held July 27-29, 1999 in San Jose, California.

Unwired Universe '99 will address both business and technical issues relating to the commercial rollout of WAP-based products and services. The theme of the conference is "Bringing WAP to Market" and will involve panel discussions, exhibit areas, training sessions and presentations from industry leaders. Unwired Universe '99 attendees will include Internet content developers, enterprise developers, wireless network operators, wireless phone manufacturers, system integrators, as well as media and industry analysts.

"Unwired Planet is proud to host a repeat performance of the popular Unwired Universe conference," said Ben Linder, Unwired Planet's Vice President of Marketing. "This event will be a valuable opportunity for both experienced developers and new participants to share knowledge and experiences of WAP-enabled mass market phones."

"The Business of WAP" will be the focus of the business track of Unwired Universe '99. The business track will offer network operators insight into the possible revenue and differentiation opportunities for WAP services. Developers will gain insight into the business models that drive revenue and branding. Wireless phone manufacturers will learn about the demands which WAP applications will make of their devices.

The technical track of Unwired Universe '99 will focus on providing targeted information to a cross-section of network operators, developers and manufacturers. The technical track will empower operators with detailed knowledge on how to create a flexible launch platform for the wireless Internet services. Developers will find out how to accelerate time to market for high-value WAP services, as well as how to create powerful applications with great user interface. Wireless phone manufacturers will be able to better understand the WAP programming environment and design innovative features into their future devices. Please visit the conference Web site at www.phone.com/u2.html for additional conference information.

About Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Inc. is a growing pre-IPO company and leading international supplier of open standards-based servers and microbrowsers to the wireless industry. Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) co-founded the WAP Forum (www.wapforum.org) and delivers a complete WAP-ready product line, including microbrowser, server, phone application suite and software development kit. The UP.Linkª Platform enables mass-market mobile phones running UP.Browserª to access Internet- and intranet-based applications and services, quickly and cost efficiently. UP products support multiple airlink protocols, with implementations for GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PDC, PHS and CDPD. The privately held company has offices in London and Tokyo. Visit www.uplanet.com® or www.uplanet.co.uk for more information.


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