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Paris, 23 February 1999 – Alcatel's One Touch(TM) POCKET will be the first GSM mobile in the world to provide Internet services. It will be available from March 26, 1999 from Cegetel, in a new bundled package called "Les Uns … Les Autres". Alcatel and Cegetel have recently completed successful trials of their new portfolio of mobile, on-line interactive services with over 400 Cegetel customers.

The One Touch(TM) POCKET has a unique large screen providing five lines of fifteen characters each. Only these characteristics allow effective Internet readability.

This announcement follows the October 1998 contract by which Alcatel has supplied Cegetel with a turnkey mobile access to online interactive services. Alcatel designed and integrated the network gateway, the HomeTop(TM) platform, as well as providing the GSM phones. The Alcatel One Touch(TM) POCKET features a microbrowser that provides easy and visual access to the proposed services.

The Alcatel/Cegetel service allows, for example, the user to manage e-mail, their personal organiser, to check their bank account or even a train timetable, book and pay for airline tickets or seats at a concert. Additionally, through’push’ technologies, users can receive personalized on-screen information such as soccer results, or share prices.

The platform, compatible with WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) specifications has been designed to access multiple dedicated servers that answer anytime to the specific needs of the subscribers (i.e. e-mail, agenda, weather information, flight reservations, etc…). This innovation paves the way to new and exciting services for the mobile Internet market.

Alcatel had already seized the initiative by developing the HomeTop(TM) platform for Mobile Internet WAP services. WAP specifies the format of Internet-content as well as access protocols to on-line services from mobile phones. The solution chosen by Cegetel, based on WAP principles, will be the first large-scale commercial offer in the GSM world.

This allows mobile operators to propose new services to end-users in an easy to use and visual manner.

The principal characteristics of the Internet Mobile Solution are:

  • A focus on end-user market needs that correspond to the business concerns of mobile operators. This brings true financial benefits;
  • Reliance on open interfaces to ensure integration into existing networks while preparing for future evolutions. The solution can also be customized, according to specific service requirements;
The main operator benefits of this solution include increased and diversified revenues, drastic reduction in churn (in mature markets, it has been proven that content-based data services retain 100% of customers), high differentiation from competitors as well as an attractive offering for high-value subscribers.

The arrival of Internet-like content on mobile phones will change the business model of the mobile industry (different market segmentation, different marketing approach…). Services will be based more on content, less on communications. Alcatel Internet Mobile Solution helps operators to better understand and prepare for future multimedia mobile services and with the introduction of solutions such as Alcatel's GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), will further enhance the service capability of Internet-based mobile services.

Alcatel continues to demonstrate its full commitment to provide operators with innovative end-to-end solutions for convergent voice/data services. Furthermore the company also announced the launch of an Internet compliant One Touch(TM) VIEW aimed specifically at the mass market.

A world leader in telecommunications systems and equipment as well as related cables and components activities, Alcatel operates in over 130 countries. Alcatel provides complete solutions and services to operators, service providers, enterprises and consumers, ranging from backbone networks to user’s terminals.

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