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Joint efforts bring real-time information to WAP wireless networks and devices

CANNES, France (22 February 1999) - GSM World Congress

Reuters,¨ the world's leading financial information and news Group , and Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Inc., (UP) a leading supplier of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) software products, today announced that Reuters has developed a wireless version of their wide-ranging information service, which will give users of WML-enabled mobile phones access to a variety of services, including world and financial news, and stock quotes and indices.

This partnership will provide the growing worldwide community of wireless subscribers with access to real-time information services. With Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)ª technology, content providers, such as Reuters, can enable popular Web sites with WML (Wireless Markup Language), to optimize content for the constraints of wireless phones. A demonstration of the Reuters service is available at GSM World Congress '99 in the Reuters Exhibit (Booth # I 14).

"Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) is pleased to be working with Reuters to deliver high quality optimized information services," said Alain Rossmann, chairman and chief executive officer of Unwired Planet (now Phone.com). "Reuters is the unrivalled source for accurate and unbiased news and information around the globe and this partnership will give WAP-enabled mobile phone users access to the up-to-date information they seek."

Reuters WML content was developed using the Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) Software Development Kit (UP.SDKª), an indispensable tool for content providers wishing to develop applications optimized for mobile phones.

"We are very pleased to be working with Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) to develop and format key Reuters financial information and news for the next generation of microbrowser-equipped mobile phones" said Jonathan Baile, managing director of Reuters Wireless Services.

About Reuters
Reuters supplies the global financial markets and the news media with the widest range of information and news products including real-time financial data, collective investment data, numerical, textual, historical and graphical databases plus news, graphics, news video, and news pictures, reaching over 485,000 users located in 57,900 organisations. Reuters designs and installs enterprise-wide information management and risk management systems for the financial markets as well as providing equity and foreign exchange transaction systems. It extensively uses Internet technologies for wider distribution of information and news. The Group employed 16,938 staff in 218 cities in 96 countries at 31 December 1998. Reuters is the world's largest news and television agency with 2,072 journalists, photographers and camera operators in 216 bureaux serving 157 countries. News is published in 23 languages. For more details see www.reuters.com/aboutreuters.

About Unwired Planet (now Phone.com)
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Inc. is a growing pre-IPO company and leading international supplier of open standards-based servers and microbrowsers to the wireless industry. Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) co-founded the WAP Forum (www.wapforum.org) and delivers a complete WAP-ready product line, including microbrowser, server, phone application suite and software development kit. The UP.Linkª Platform enables mass-market mobile phones running UP.Browserª to access Internet- and intranet-based applications and services, quickly and cost efficiently. UP products support multiple airlink protocols, with implementations for GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PDC, PHS and CDPD. The privately held company has offices in London and Tokyo. Visit www.uplanet.com® or www.uplanet.co.uk for more information.

Reuters is a house trademark of Reuters Limited. The Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) name and the family of terms carrying the "UP." prefix are trademarks and the Unwired Planet (now Phone.com) logo and uplanet.com are registered trademarks of Unwired Planet (now Phone.com), Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other company, brand and product names may be marks that are the sole property of their respective owners.

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