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T-Mobile is the first to take nGame's Java QuickStart Program

T-Mobile is the first to take nGames Java QuickStart Program

Cambridge, UK 24 May, 2002.

nGame, leading aggregator and publisher of wireless content is delighted to announce that T-Mobile have selected nGames Java QuickStart Program as the cornerstone of their launch of mobile Java gaming throughout Europe. The two-year deal sees nGame shipping one hundred and twenty J2ME games, designed for a wide variety of Java-enabled handsets, which T-Mobile will distribute in Austria, Canada, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, The Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and The United States of America. In addition, T-Mobile will also be using nGames Java Games Store platform WOTAN as their content delivery platform at launch in the UK.

"nGame has consistently been a leader in the offering of innovative services for the wireless Internet and are committed to providing the best micro-java games and entertainments to users all over the world," said nGame CEO, John Brimacombe. "We are extremely excited to be working with T-Motion on this project and delighted that they are launching their micro-Java service primarily with nGame titles. We are working with developers based throughout the world - the UK, America, India, and Korea, to name but a few - and this deal enables us to bring the best of their games, as well as our own titles, to both European and North American consumers. This is by far the largest and most significant content deal yet seen anywhere in the mobile games industry."

"WOTAN is nGames next generation enterprise level platform to deliver mobile entertainment content," said nGame CTO, Dave Lloyd. We are very pleased that this will be the first ever-live deployment of a vending machine for micro-java games. nGame QuickStart is as simple to use as a real-world vending machine, making the dispensing of Java games simple, easy and immediate. We are extremely pleased to have nGame QuickStart received so well, and delighted that T-Motion users will be the first to benefit from this experience. We look forward to exploring how our expertise and technology can help T-Mobile offer greater value, entertainment, and enjoyment to their customers worldwide."

"T-Motion has made a major commitment to the success of micro-java, and nGame plays a significant role in helping us achieve that success," said T-Mobiles TITLE Mark Faulkner "We are very happy to continue our strong relationship with them as a provider of exciting and compelling wireless games for our Java platform."

About nGame Ltd

Headquartered in Cambridge UK and Redwood City CA, nGame is a leading aggregator and publisher of wireless content. nGame partners the worlds best developers and publish exceptional content to the worlds leading wireless carriers

Founded in 1997 the company is experienced in delivery technology, distribution, publishing and content design. Using proprietary in-house technology and working alongside hundreds of external studios around the world, nGame has the capacity to develop high-quality and innovative Java games fast and effectively. nGame currently have over one hundred games in their Java Portfolio.

A mobile entertainment pioneer, nGame was the first company in the world to demonstrate multi-player WAP games with AT&T in 1998. In 2000 nGame was with first wireless company to be nominated for a BAFTA Interactive award for its massively multi-player medieval trading game, Merchant Princes. In the same year nGame demonstrate the first multi-player Java game Chop Suey Kung Fu on the Motorola Accompi. April 2001 saw nGame deploy the first head-to-head multiplayer game on digital TV through NTL. nGame also introduced colour games to North America in January 2002 and this month also sees another first for nGame, as they become the first wireless company to launch a live vending machine for micro-java games.

Outside of Java, the company currently has over seventy other entertainments available across a number of technologies. (WAP, SMS and Ditv) which are widely distributed, with over 10 million games played to date through a number of partners throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including Sprint, AT&T, T-Motion, Mviva, Verizon Wireless, Orange, and Vodafone.

The nGame Java QuickStart Program

The nGame Java QuickStart Program offers a complete one-stop solution to the launch of micro-Java gaming. Its plug-and-go infrastructure service allows carriers to immediately get into the business of offering Java games. With this carriers can be up and running with a complete online Java Games Store, filled with fantastic content, in less than 90 days!

The nGames QuickStart program offers an end-to-end solution that establishes a value chain for all parties. The program includes a carrier-grade Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning server (WOTAN) built to integrate easily and straightforwardly with the most fragile of networks and systems. nGame provide great support for independent developers and of course create great games. nGames QuickStart offers an extensive catalogue of regularly updated, high-quality Java game titles from around the world.

nGames QuickStart offers a totally flexible package of optional components that can be customized to each carriers needs. nGame have the games and the service delivery systems operators need to deliver them.


About T-Motion

Based in London, T-Motion was founded in March 2000 as a joint venture between T-Mobile International AG (60 per cent) and T-Online International AG (40 per cent). T-Mobile International AG and T-Online International AG are responsible for the global mobile telephony networks and the fixed Internet assets of Deutsche Telekom respectively.

T-Motion launched its service in Germany in September 2000 and in the UK in February 2001. Already the service has been rated as the number one mobile Internet service in Germany. In less than one year, the company successfully launched in three countries and currently manages over 100 partners providing a wide variety of content to almost three million users.