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Network365 and Am-Beo introduce revolutionary rating solution for mobile messaging

By incorporating both messaging and rating technology, service providers can leverage the existing network infrastructure to generate and maximize new revenue streams

Billing Systems 2002, London - April 23rd 2002 Network365, Best Wireless Application Developer (GSM Association Awards 2002) provides world-class application platforms and Am-Beo, a leading provider of rating and revenue chain management solutions for the communications industry, today announced the development of a leading-edge rating solution for messaging. The new solution called AppRate, represents an important strategic development, which will enable operators to leverage existing technology and generate new revenue streams by delivering more innovative mobile services to their existing and new customers, beginning with SMS Chat. AppRate will also enable operators to charge across various usage criteria including service type, volume, content, time of day or night for both their consumer and enterprise clients.
SMS is one of the most powerful communications channels globally. The GSM Association predicts that over 330 billion SMS messages will be sent in 2002. In 2001, global SMS volumes reached over 220 billion. Despite these figures, operators are currently restricted to billing SMS traffic on a message per message basis. With AppRate from Network365 and Am-Beo, operators can now separate a sequence of SMS messages into distinct groups which are rated according to the service they relate to. This means that operators have more control over how they rate their consumer and enterprise customers, while at the same time offering more compelling services which will stimulate consumer loyalty and reduce churn. Competitive and regulatory pressures are forcing SMS prices down and hence ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). With AppRate, operators can price-in value and vary SMS charges which will enable both revenue and traffic volumes to increase.
2.5G networks with always-on connectivity will continue to drive this spectacular growth in messaging with MMS creating new and exciting services that will generate greater revenues and increase customer loyalty. In order to leverage the value of SMS group chat and emerging messaging services, providers must ensure that they have the right rating mechanisms to maximise their full revenue potential. AppRate combines an advanced, flexible messaging application platform (mzone agora) from Network365 with a powerful rating engine (rate-rec) from Am-Beo to overcome the challenge of rating mobile messaging services.

Messaging - whether short (SMS), enhanced (EMS) or multimedia (MMS) - has a bright future as a bearer for new, useful and entertaining applications on mobile devices. End users will receive rich content, play games, watch sport and interact in new and exciting ways with new applications. MMS, however, will bring even greater challenges in terms of charging for the value that it brings to both the enterprise and the consumer.

With MMS, consumers will soon be able to compose and send media rich messages to one another, while also being able to choose to have value added messaging content delivered to their mobile devices. Network365 and Am-Beo believe that the greater functionality of MMS will be the starting point of a broader customer experience which will pave the way for 3G usage. Due to this richness of content, Am-Beo and Network365 are working together to enhance AppRate to enable operators to develop and implement flexibly priced 2.5 G and 3G messaging applications which will maximise revenue and stimulate consumer demand.

The integration of our joint technologies will result in a solution which will offer flexible rating for any messaging service. AppRate enables service providers to extract maximum revenue from messaging applications and bill for new applications as they come on stream. This is a major priority in todays climate, said John Brady, CEO Am-Beo.

According to Network365s CEO, Raomal Perera, Our joint solution with Am-Beo proves that operators can offer compelling messaging services today and for the first time, charge for them based on an unlimited number of criteria including volume, content, time of day or night, as well as service type. They can also target services towards both the consumer and enterprise market on a customized basis to help develop their market reach. Like Network365, Am-Beo is an innovative company thats one step ahead of the competition and we are delighted to be working with them on this ground breaking project that is focussed on revenue optimization.


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About Am-Beo
Am-Beo is the leading provider of real-time rating and revenue chain management platforms for the communications industry. The company is privately held headquartered in Ireland, with an office in New York and a worldwide distributor network. Am-Beos flagship product rate-rec is a rating and revenue chain management solution for voice, data, content and other usage based services. rate-rec allows huge flexibility in the range of services for which it may be used, including voice, VPN, ASP transactions, online gaming, GPRS, EDGE, content, IP services, and numerous others. It will also allow the user to reconcile with partners in the value chain, settling revenue sharing agreements in multi-party transactions.

As an adjunct proposition, rate-rec allows you to deploy new an advanced usage based services while retaining your existing billing solution. This hugely minimizes the risk involved in a major billing implementation, and leverages the tried and tested functions of your existing solution. rate-rec can be deployed in real-time or batch, and includes customer specific rating, and full product and customer management.
For additional information, visit www.Am-Beo.com,

About Network365
Network365, Best Wireless Application Developer, GSM Association Awards 2002, is a leading provider of world-class application platforms enabling the mobile lifestyle. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Ireland and has offices in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, the UK, Latin America and the USA. Since its foundation, Network365 has garnered worldwide acclaim for its broad, yet focused wireless product strategy and has developed unique skills by concentrating exclusively on the requirements of the mobile market. As network operators and service providers roll-out high speed data services on mobile devices, Network365 is increasingly becoming the partner of choice for application platforms that fully leverage network operators investments in next generation networks and devices.

The Network365 product range, known as mzone, is a complete mobile application infrastructure enabling a world of mobile experiences. mzone addresses all the elements of the mobile Internet value chain from access to advanced messaging to secure mobile commerce. mzone currently includes four innovative platforms: mzone kiosk, a complete mobile shopping solution for merchants; mzone avatar, a feature rich mobile solution which enables secure payment, personalization and identification; mzone maestro, delivers optimized content and services to over 200 devices; and mzone agora is an advanced messaging application platform for fun, innovative mobile experiences.

Am-Beo is a member of Network365s mzone unity partner program, which is designed to forge strong, mutually beneficial relationships between Network365 and partner organizations across the globe. It is designed to work with the worlds leading systems integrators, network operators, service providers, technology companies and channel partners to deliver the best wireless solutions and total mobile infrastructure to our customers.

Key customers include: Hong Kong CSL, Celltel Lanka, Manx Telecom mmO2 (Europes first 3G trials), Oskar in the Czech Republic and Digifone mmO2, Meteor Mobile Communications, BETDAQ and Phone House in Ireland.
For more information, please visit: www.network365.com

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