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Network365 launches time management product with SMS capabilities for enterprises

CeBIT 2002, Hannover, Germany March 13th 2002 Network365, Best Wireless Application Developer, GSM Awards 2002, today launched and demonstrated a new mobile and web based timesheet and expense management ASP product with SMS capabilities, at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover. mTimeTracker.com runs on Network365 mzone agora, an advanced messaging application platform, which will enable subscribers to input their timesheets using keywords over SMS. The multimedia messaging application has been developed with hSenid Software International (http://www.hsenid.com) a developer in Network365s mzone unity partner programme.

mTimeTracker.com (http://www.mTimeTracker.com) is a complete timesheet management solution, which enhances accessibility to employees timesheets anywhere at any given time. It enables them to enter up-to-date information (times) spent on projects and activities in a straightforward manner.

mTimeTracker.com also allows employees working remotely to update timesheets via their virtual office ([email protected] phone, laptop, PDA). This reduces paperwork, double entry of data and makes timesheet updating more efficient. mTimeTracker has a streamlined timesheet approval process which helps managers track progress of task and project related information as well as expenses.

With the ability to keep track of time utilization and expenses, organizations can make the best use of their workforce, enhance customer relationships and improve their business performance. Timesheets can be updated very easily. The user logs in by entering company name, user name and password. They can then choose a project or activity and enter the amount of time spent on it. Using the SMS capability, the user can then input their timesheets with keywords over SMS. It provides easy access to time sheet information, anywhere, anytime. The product is designed to maintain a session while entering time for a particular project and activity. mTimeTracker.com has a built-in workflow management feature for approval and for billing and invoicing. The system provides interfaces to back-office products like ERP, CRM, Payroll and Financial systems.

Using mTimeTracker over SMS will enable users to access timesheets anytime, anywhere. This was an obvious step given the nature of the application and the benefits it will bring in terms of workforce management, said Dinesh Saparamadu, Chief Executive Officer, hSenid. mTimeTracker with its SMS capabilities makes timesheets more accessible which enables employees, consultants and other third party project members to share better information to manage tasks, time and expenses.

Network365s mzone technology is the ideal applications platform to enable the true potential of the mobile lifestyle and we are confident that enterprises will use this application to reduce paperwork, avoid double entry of data and make timesheet updating more efficient. It will also enable managers to track the work progress of employees as well as their expenses, said Raomal Perera, CEO, Network365.

The new version 4.0 is powerful in its design and implementation, and has the capacity to scale up to an unlimited number of users simultaneously.

Timetracker.com already runs on Network365 mzone maestro, which allows the customer access to content in an optimized format. Sensing the type of device and network in use, mzone maestro transforms the content to match the users experience. The device is classified to optimize the content to be delivered. mzone maestro currently supports up to 200 different devices.


For further information, please contact:

Evanna Kearins
Marketing Communications Manager,
Tel: +353 1 2764511 / +353 87 2896579
Email: [email protected]

John Hurley,
Vice President Marketing,
Tel: +353 1 2764508
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About mzone agora
mzone agora allows carriers to build and co-ordinate online communities based around Short Message Service (SMS), Cell Broadcast, email, pager networks and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). It presents an opportunity to network operators and service providers to generate revenue streams by creating and operating new and improved ways for customers to use messaging. mzone agora enables multiple applications to interact with a variety of messaging protocols and transports. It acts as both a hub and server providing messaging service to a series of client applications.

About mzone unity
mzone unity is Network365s partner program, designed to forge strong, mutually beneficial relationships between Network365 and partner organizations across the globe. It is designed to work with the worlds leading systems integrators, network operators, service providers, technology companies and channel partners to deliver the best wireless solutions and total mobile infrastructure to our customers. The program includes both channel and developer partners.

About Network365
Network365 is a leading provider of world-class application platforms enabling the mobile lifestyle. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Ireland and has offices in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, the UK and the USA. Since its foundation, Network365 has garnered worldwide acclaim for its broad, yet focused wireless product strategy and has developed unique skills by concentrating exclusively on the requirements of the mobile market. As network operators and service providers roll-out high speed data services on mobile devices, Network365 is increasingly becoming the partner of choice to supply fun, easy, secure, anywhere type applications that fully leverage network operators investments in next generation networks and devices.

The Network365 product range, known as mzone, is a complete mobile application infrastructure enabling a world of mobile experiences. mzone addresses all the elements of the mobile Internet value chain from access to advanced messaging to secure mobile commerce. mzone currently includes four innovative platforms: mzone kiosk, a complete mobile shopping solution for merchants; mzone avatar, a feature rich mobile solution which enables secure payment, personalization and identification; mzone maestro, delivers optimized content and services to enable the mobile lifestyle; and mzone agora is an advanced messaging application platform for fun, innovative mobile experiences.

Key customers include: Hong Kong CSL, Celltel Lanka, Manx Telecom / mmO2 (Europes first 3G trials), Český Oskar Mobil a.s in the Czech Republic, Digifone / mmO2, and Meteor Mobile Communications, BETDAQ and Phone House in Ireland.

For more information, please visit: http://www.network365.com

About hSenid Software International

hSenid Software International is a software company, where out of the box thinking is the order of the day. The company is a provider of state of the art software products and technology services, backed up by extensive experience in Client Server and Internet based software development.

hSenid has e-enabled its own portfolio of products and provides its services to third party clients and vendors alike to e-enable systems using its development centre based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. hSenid Software Internationals services are diversified, but are very focused in each area of products and expertise.

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