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Network365 launches new 'eye on the world' multimedia application

eyeWitness with mzone agora enables users to record and share their visual experiences using camera-enabled mobile devices

3GSM World Congress 2002, 21st February Cannes, France Network365 (http://www.network365.com), a leading provider of world-class application platforms enabling the mobile lifestyle, today announced a global, next generation application - eyeWitness with mzone agora - which enables users to visually share experiences as they happen using a camera-enabled mobile device to capture events. The multimedia messaging application has been developed with Imagine Software (http://www.imagine.ie), a developer in Network365s mzone unity partner programme.

Operators realise that GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) also known as 2.5G and multimedia messaging will only succeed if new applications which exploit the improved bandwidth and always-on connectivity of the network, are available, commented Denis Hennessy, Chief Technical Officer, Network365. A key requirement is for platform technology that allows applications to operate over diverse communications and messaging protocols. This infrastructure will allow operation over SMS, MMS, email and Instant Messaging (IM).

Roman philosopher and poet, Seneca, wrote that there is no delight in anything unless you can share it. This is made possible with eyeWitness from mzone agora, which maintains a series of public and private websites that can focus on any topic - traffic, security, emergency, sport, politics or fun. Personal space can be used to share experiences of a holiday, night-out or family event. Subscribers take their own photos and mzone agora, an advanced messaging application platform, takes care of the rest. Private pictures are thumb nailed and placed on private web pages for access by family and friends. Pictures of public interest are categorized, captioned and reviewed by an editor before being added to the appropriate pages. These pages can then be accessed by a fixed or mobile device.

According to Peter Doyle, CEO of Imagine Software, The alliance between our two companies creates a powerful new market offering for businesses engaging in mCommerce We are delighted to work with Network365 in producing this application within the mzone unity partner program and look forward to developing this relationship as 2.5 and 3G networks are rolled out across Europe.

Pictures can be retained according to specified rules and categorized by popularity, by order of submission or by relevance. Users can register interest in receiving alerts on special events, traffic delays or emergencies.

The key benefits of eyeWitness with mzone agora are:
· Users can share their world with others for information, emergencies or fun
· Users can alert people to dangers, accidents and delays quickly by mobilizing the population as the eyes and ears of the city
· Service providers can offer multiple channels of live news and information on several topics

eyeWitness with mzone agora - how it works:


George is browsing around the shops on a Saturday afternoon. Getting into his car to drive home, he sees someone who resembles a pop star he has admired for many years. As he moves closer, hes convinced its really him and approaches him to make sure. Using the digital camera in his mobile phone, he takes a picture of the star and sends it to eyeWitness and to his family. Within minutes, he has shared the experience with other fans and has the picture to prove it actually happened.

Pierre is running late. Before leaving the office he checks his favourite live website from eyeWitness and learns of a 20km tailback at the toll bridge. Avoiding the queue, he takes the ferry and makes up most of the time lost.

On leaving the office, he observes a major traffic accident that will cause chaos to traffic in the opposite direction. Using the digital camera in his mobile phone, he captures the scene and sends it to eyeWitness. Within minutes, the obstacle is communicated to thousands of commuters, even before they enter their cars.

Just two examples of the ways in which eyeWitness with mzone agora can benefit the mobile customer.

This key MMS application ensures that consumers can share their most entertaining moments and enjoy the experiences of others. They can access up-to-the-minute information on items of interest, receive alerts of special events or emergencies, and contribute to news and be good citizens by submitting important images about an accident or emergency, which can then be automatically communicated to interested parties. A single message is all thats required. For the operator, eyeWitness with mzone agora is a multiple-use application that will use bandwidth on 2.5G and 3G networks and will drive purchases of new handsets. It also enables the service provider to keep customers loyal by providing them with an attractive and useful application, web sites and message processing can be sponsored and services and web sites can attract significant, favourable coverage.


For further information:

Visit Network365 at 3GSM World Congress
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Evanna Kearins
Marketing Communications Manager,
Tel: +353 1 2764511 / 087 2896579
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John Hurley,
VP Marketing
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About mzone agora
mzone agora allows carriers to build and co-ordinate online communities based around Short Message Service (SMS), Cell Broadcast, email, pager networks and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). It presents an opportunity to network operators and service providers to generate revenue streams by creating and operating new and improved ways for customers to use messaging. mzone agora enables multiple applications to interact with a variety of messaging protocols and transports. It acts as both a hub and server providing messaging service to a series of client applications.

About Network365
Network365 is a leading provider of world-class application platforms enabling the mobile lifestyle. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Ireland and has offices in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, the UK and the USA. Since its foundation, Network365 has garnered worldwide acclaim for its broad, yet focused wireless product strategy and has developed unique skills by concentrating exclusively on the requirements of the mobile market. As network operators and service providers roll-out high speed data services on mobile devices, Network365 is increasingly becoming the partner of choice to supply fun, easy, secure, anywhere type applications that fully leverage network operators investments in next generation networks and devices.

The Network365 product range, known as mzone, is a complete mobile application infrastructure enabling a world of mobile experiences. mzone addresses all the elements of the mobile Internet value chain from access to advanced messaging to secure mobile commerce. mzone currently includes four innovative platforms: mzone kiosk, a complete mobile shopping solution for merchants; mzone avatar, a feature rich mobile solution which enables secure payment, personalization and identification; mzone maestro, delivers optimized content and services to enable the mobile lifestyle; and mzone agora is an advanced messaging application platform for fun, innovative mobile experiences.

Key customers include: Hong Kong CSL, Celltel Lanka, Manx Telecom / mmO2 (Europes first 3G trials), Český Oskar Mobil a.s in the Czech Republic, Digifone / mmO2 and Meteor Mobile Communications, BETDAQ and Phone House in Ireland.

For more information, please visit: http://www.network365.com

About Imagine
Imagine was started in 1998 to develop and deliver innovative Digital Imaging applications and services. The companys first product was Xapix, a portable image transmission solution currently in use by Law Enforcement and Photo-Journalism worldwide, for the purposes of transmitting digital images securely over various communications media. They also develop Web based image processing solutions, medical imaging solutions and large-scale document storage and retrieval systems, which are also accessible via secure Internet connections.

For more information, please visit: http://www.imagine.ie

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