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Alcatel announces the "Nx Community" application

The increased popularity of Internet "communities" is resulting in increased interpersonal exchanges. Mobility is also a new fact of our daily lives, and as a result, multi-access service offers services that are accessible by voice, SMS, WAP, and Web are becoming vitally important. Furthermore, todays users are demanding richer, more useful daily services, such as the ability to create, access and share information themselves. In order to respond to these new demands, Alcatels software editor Nextenso has created the "Nx Community" application, which combines the benefits of the Internet, the advantages of mobility and the richest user services. "Nx Community" is an application enabling users to create and manage their personal communities, adapted to different Internet media and devices (PC, PDA, SMS, WAP, Voice, etc).

Nextensos latest offer, "Nx Community," meets the expectations of todays users by offering all the necessary multi-access, personalization and communication functions wanted and needed in order to stay in touch and up-to-date.

  • Multi-access: As with all Nextenso applications, "Nx Community" enables all members of a given community to meet via the Internet at any time, wherever they are. "Nx Community" is an application that can be accessed from a PC, a PDA, a WAP telephone, by SMS, and soon even by voice.

  • Personalization: "Nx Community" offers its users the possibility to personalize the look of their communities: themes, colors, layout, etc. These advanced personalization features are the natural complement to the basic functions a user finds in any virtual community: the ability to create unique onscreen identities, a log of whos online now, "emoticons," discussion forums, chat rooms, members directory, editorial page, etc.

  • Communication: "Nx Community" also allows community members to share certain personal applications with other members of the community. For example, community members can share their calendars, their files, their videos, etc. This innovative feature is a large part of what makes a community so interesting: it allows users to meet around a common theme, and to enrich the community with outside information, applications or data. For example, networked games built on the communitys theme, or links to related events.

    "Nx Community" is one of Nextensos User Applications, along with Nx HomePage, Nx PIM, Nx Universal Messaging, Nx Smart Channel, and others. The software suite also has a full catalogue of Proxy Applications, including Nx WAP Gateway, Nx SMS Gateway, Nx Location Server, Nx Syndication, and Nx Notification, among others.

    "Nx Community" is sold as a software license from 30 000.

    Nextenso in brief

    Nextenso is Alcatels Internet portal software applications company. Nextenso develops a complete suite of portal-enabling applications for the creation and enrichment of multi-access information and communication services.

    Nextenso has been delivering its software to clients since 1998, and enjoys a growing list of customers. The company has 17 product deployments in countries around the world.Headquartered in a suburb of Paris, France, Nextenso also has offices in Singapore.