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Maneos chooses the Nextenso software suite to create its innovative personalized, multi-access online events guide

More and more events are "virtual" events taking place on the Internet press conferences, product launches, web-TV or web-radio programs, interviews, cinema previews, music video debuts, auctions, chats with celebrities and more -- and it can be quite difficult for Internet surfers to know where to find the events that interest them.

In order to respond to this new need, Maneos, a U.K. company, has chosen Nextensos Internet applications to create its multi-access online "infotainment" portal. Maneos offers telecom operators and existing portals its rebrandable DPG Digital Program Guide, which offers Internet users simple search features based on their personal or professional centers of interest. This personalized guide is accessible by all types of Internet-equipped terminals, including PCs, mobile telephones, PDAs and Internet-TVs.

The Maneos platform is based on an ASP (Application Service Provider) business model. Without any intervention needed on their existing technical platforms, portal makers can now offer their users a new service: a personalized web events guide.

Events that are selected by users are automatically added to their agendas, and a user can also request e-mail, SMS or voice reminders.

Maneos also allows mass-market or corporate event producers to enlarge their potential audience and thus create new sources of revenue.

By building its events portal with the Nextenso software suite, Maneos is creating a multilingual, multi-access service.

  • Maneos offers its services on PCs, PDAs, WAP telephones and even via SMS. For example, David is a sports fan. When he connects to his Maneos portal, he learns that one of his favorite players is going to be having a live "chat" followed by an auction a week later. With just a few clicks, David records the date of this event in his portals personal calendar, and requests that he be sent a reminder by SMS one hour before the event.

  • Maneos also offers its users a multilingual feature. For example, Monica, an Italian woman living in France, travels often to Italy for business. Because she speaks both French and Italian fluently, Monica has chosen the multilingual function of her Maneos portal in order to be able to consult events on her favorite themes in both languages. During her travels, she uses her telephone or her PDA to access her events calendar or even access the live events. Sometimes Monica simply consults her Internet-based calendar by simple SMS.

    Maneos chose the Nextenso software suite because of:

  • Nextensos technological advance and mastery of the integration aspects, especially concerning mobile devices.
  • Nextensos complete catalogue of fully personalizable applications, all of which are rapid to launch,
  • The modular, open qualities of the Nextenso applications, which greatly facilitate the development of specific services

    Maneos has chosen 5 Nextenso applications to begin: Nx Personalized HomePage, Nx Service and Profile Management, Nx Notification, Nx Personal Information Management (calendar, to-do list, address book), and Nx SMS Portal Gateway.

    more information, contact:

    Chrystelle Dugimont / Nextenso Thierry Le Roy / Maneos
    Press & Analyst Relation Manager Founder & CEO
    Office + 33 1 55 59 37 86 Office +44 (0)20 8735 6650
    Mobile phone +33 6 07 88 49 68 Mobile phone +44 (0)79 7981 7229
    e-mail : [email protected] e-mail : [email protected]
    Web : www.nextenso.com

    About Nextenso
    Nextenso is Alcatels Internet portal software applications company. Nextenso edits and distributes a complete suite of portal applications for the creation and enrichment of multi-access information and communication services. Nextenso has been delivering its software to clients since 1998, and enjoys a growing list of customers. The company has 17 product deployments in countries around the world and has sold over 2 million user licenses. Headquartered in a suburb of Paris, France, Nextenso also has offices in Singapore.

    About Maneos
    Created in December 200, Maneos, a UK company based in London, offers operators and existing portals a rebrandable Digital Program Guide (DPG). This personalized guide is accessible from all Internet-equipped devices, including PCs, mobile telephones, PDAs and Internet-TVs.