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Niragongo Launches Lava Platform 2.0 To Remove Obstacles Preventing Mobile Internet Success

Enhances User Experience and Operator Revenues

Niragongo Inc., a provider of wireless data solutions for the mobile Internet, today announced the launch of its flagship product, Lava Platform 2.0. The Lava Platform 2.0 is a mediation solution that improves the users experience and enhances the operators ability to provide controlled quality services. Niragongo will be showcasing the Lava Platform 2.0 in booth J8, Hall 3, at the GSM World Congress 2002, Cannes, France from 19-22 February 2002.

Niragongos Lava Platform 2.0 is a smart wireless proxy that enhances all services routed through it. The wireless proxy employs tools to create an improved and consistent experience to overcome complicated navigation, insufficient service reliability, inconsistent content presentation, and lack of customization. Improvements in Lava 2.0 include a friendlier graphic navigation interface, improved management console, easy integration with new services, and advanced messaging tools, among others.

For service providers, the challenge is to increase usage and customer satisfaction in the mobile Internet. The Lava Platforms mediation architecture reduces frustration levels and enhances the user experience by accelerating content delivery, providing smart error management, simplifying navigation and offering various customization tools.

The Lava Platform engages the customer in a controlled environment in which the provider can easily brand value added services and ensure service quality to boost profitability. Niragongos mediation solution enables the service provider to control the browser frame and the navigation interface at all times, to deliver targeted messaging such as advertising, alerts or instant messaging and to reduce the integration cost of new services.

"Mobile Internet implementation has been painful for all sides. Users are annoyed, content providers are frustrated, device makers release new models continuously, and mobile operators find themselves caught in the middle," commented Niragongo CEO, Shykeh Gordon. "Thats why Niragongo developed its wireless mediation proxy to allow carriers to mediate between all these parties to minimize their own implementation time, while assuring subscribers a compelling service."

About Niragongo

Niragongo develops comprehensive solutions to enable Mobile Internet success by significantly enhancing the user experience and providing service providers with revenue-generating and optimizing opportunities. With its unique wireless proxy solution, Niragongo makes the Mobile Internet usable today, while providing a powerful solution for future wireless standards.

Niragongo, a privately held company, was founded in November 1999. It has offices in Herzliya, Israel and its investors include AOL-Time Warner Ventures, and Carmel Ventures.

For more information visit our website at http://www.niragongo.com .

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