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MATERNA presents a Wireless Application Server

Applications for every mobile device

Dortmund/Cannes, February 19, 2002

In the past, all mobile applications had to be adjusted to the different terminal-types or even developed completely anew. Using the Mobile Execution Environment (MExE) a standardized runtime environment is available worldwide for the first time, making it now possible to run any J2ME-based application no matter what operating system or what mobile terminal producer. MATERNAs Anny Way Wireless Application Server offers network carriers the necessary technical infrastructure.

MATERNAs Anny Way Wireless Application Server offers a platform that makes a simple Over-the-Air (OTA) download of Wireless Java Applications to each mobile terminal possible. Application hosting for content providers and gateway functionalities for traffic tracking issues complete the product range.
MATERNA takes over an important role between network operator, service- and content provider as well as the user by providing the Anny Way Wireless Application Server: The content providers uploads his application to the platform and gains revenues according to the selected type of business. The network operator or the service provider can either purchase the Wireless Application Server or MATERNA can operate the server for him. The server enables the user to access a great variety of high-quality portal content and thus, personalize his terminal.

A variety of applications for every need
For all mobile-only applications a connection between mobile terminal and the Wireless Application Server will be established. The user selects different applications for the download, stores these applications in his device and executes them. Example of mobile-only applications are games of skill or screen savers. Possible types of billing are: pay per download, pay for high score upload or pay for additional level.Mobile-to-server applications are based mainly on push-information. For example, an application for receiving his personalized stock market report at a specified time on his mobile terminal is downloaded from the Wireless Application Server by the user. The billing could be realized as pay per event. As MATERNA manages the hosting of applications on request, mobile-to-server applications are suitable also for smaller content providers.
Interactive applications are possible by mobile-to-mobile applications. Users might play cards or chess against each other via OTA. Due to the traffic tracking functionality offered by MATERNA an easy way of billing such applications is available.

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MATERNA is a leading software company in the information- and communications technology. MATERNA employs 1,400 staff members worldwide and achieved a turnover of about 180 million EURO in the year 2001. Beside the head office in Dortmund, the company has got offices and branches located all over Germany as well as in Denmark, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Thailand and Hong Kong. In the Business Unit Information, MATERNA develops complete e-business solutions for companies and e-government solutions for contract-placing authorities. These solutions consist of Internet applications, customer loyalty and service tools (e-CRM) as well as of the required IT-systems management (e-management). The Business Unit Communications offers products and solutions dealing with Mobile Solutions and Unified Messaging. This includes in particular mobile value-added services on base of WAP and SMS, which are distributed under the brand name Anny Way. The Anny Way Academy is active in the market training and consulting services as found in practice.

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