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MATERNA shows its latest trend Premium SMS

The mobile way of earning

Dortmund/Cannes, February 19, 2002

For the first time this year, MATERNA will provide the network carriers, service providers, companies and portals with one of the most promising commercial products: With the Premium SMS, the well-known 0900 model will be transferred to the SMS area. Thus, companies can become content providers and generate additional sales. In this process, they can charge their customers for contents used, even if they are not backed with their own accounting infrastructure.

With Premium SMS, the end customer pays an additional charge, which is added to the usual SMS price and predominantly flows to the content provider. Premium SMS is an outstanding medium, particularly for winning games and services. The Premium SMS model has already earned an excellent reputation in Norway and Spain. At present, a rising demand for this service is being noticed in many other european countries.

For the first time, online contents can be also accounted for with Premium SMS. The customer can for instance request the password for an area with costs in the Internet by using SMS. With a higher price for SMS messages, the use of the Web sites will be then paid off. Example: a magazine publishing house offers its scientific papers in the Internet. If the user wants to read an article, he sends an SMS message to an indicated abbreviated number, which is integrated into all networks. Few seconds later, he receives an access code by SMS and then can access the desired article.

The price levels of the Premium SMS depend on the offered service and vary according to the network carrier between 0,20 euro and 2,50 euros.

Based on the well-known Anny Way SMS services, MATERNA offers special concepts for mobile marketing initiatives, aimed at providing the companies with an intelligent link of traditional advertising media to the medium SMS.

MATERNA develops concepts and business models in cooperation with other companies, advertising agencies and network carriers. With its access to the GSM networks all over the world and its high technical competence, our company ensures a smooth technical implementation. In a joint effort with the Belgian Wireless Messaging Operator Netsize, MATERNA will intensify its activities in the coming months, aimed at introducing the Premium SMS, particularly in Western Europe.

MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications

MATERNA is a leading software company in the field of information and communication technology. The company employs worldwide 1.400 staff members and its turnover was estimated to more than 180 million euros for the year 2001. Beside the head office in Dortmund, the company has offices and subsidiaries located all over Germany as well as in Denmark, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Czech republic, Thailand and Hong Kong. In the Business Unit Information, MATERNA implements e-Business-solutions for the electronic trade in the Internet. The Internet strategy e3-Solutions covers thereby performances from e-Business, e-Customer Relationship Management and e-Management. The Business Unit Communications offers products and solutions from the business area Mobile Solutions and Unified Messaging. This includes in particular mobile value-added services on base of WAP and SMS, which are distributed under the label name Anny Way. The Anny Way Academy is active on the market in terms of trainings and consulting services as found in practice.
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