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Mobilkom austria tries and tests MATERNA MMS Center

Anny Way Multimedia Messaging Center in the test operation

Dortmund/Cannes, February 19, 2002

Since the beginning of this year, MATERNA Information & Communication has been offering a very efficient platform for sending and receiving multimedia messages with its Anny Way MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Center). While developping this central network item, MATERNA could fall back upon many years experience with SMS value-added services. At present, different international network carriers - including the austrian market leader Mobilkom austria - are testing the Anny Way MMSC of MATERNA.

Due to the increasing distribution of the GPRS networks, Anny Way MMSC can already be profitably used by the network carriers. In addition, since the network component is completely compatible to the 3GPP standard, it is ensured that multimedia messaging supplies can function with all networks and be migrated without higher costs into mobile communication networks of the third generation.
One of the most significant advantages of the Anny Way MMSC is the extensive legacy support: a flexible prepaid functionality and a smooth integration within the existing infrastructures, such as Mail Store systems. The highly scalable solution allows the wireless operators to penetrate early enough and at low investment the business market, together with the likewise available Anny Way MMS Client. The worldwide available full service support completes this service offering. Depending upon ones requirements, the Anny Way MMSC can be hosted by MATERNA or be operated directly at the network carrier.

For the success of the multimedia messages, it is also extremely important to be provided with attractive services besides a smooth dispatch and receipt of such messages. MATERNA offers the possibility of supplying own applications and contents. In addition, the Anny Way MMSC permits the integration of further content providers and value-added service providers.

Trial at Mobilkom austria
Mobilkom austria, a market leader for mobile communications in Austria, has been testing the Anny Way MMSC. The subsidiary company of Telekom Austria has decided for a local integration of the MMSC into the existing infrastructure. The tested features include, among other things, the dispatch and receipt of multimedia messages, the forwarding of a mobile telephone to an mail address, the integration of the Anny Way Picture Postcard, as the first multimedia consumer application, as well as an interoperability test with leading terminal devices and the Anny Way MMS Client that is based on Microsoft Pocket PC. Mobilkom Austria will presumably conclude the trial phase by March 2002.

MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications

MATERNA is a leading software company in the field of information and communication technology. The company employs worldwide 1.400 staff members and its turnover was estimated to more than 180 million euros for the year 2001. Beside the head office in Dortmund, the company has offices and subsidiaries located all over Germany as well as in Denmark, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Czech republic, Thailand and Hong Kong. In the Business Unit Information, MATERNA implements e-Business-solutions for the electronic trade in the Internet. The Internet strategy e3-Solutions covers thereby performances from e-Business, e-Customer Relationship Management and e-Management. The Business Unit Communications offers products and solutions from the business area Mobile Solutions and Unified Messaging. This includes in particular mobile value-added services on base of WAP and SMS, which are distributed under the label name Anny Way.The Anny Way Academy is active on the market in terms of trainings and consulting services as found in practice.

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