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Neomar Announces Enhanced Secure Enterprise Router Proxy for Wireless Service Providers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA February 13, 2002 Neomar, a leading developer of wireless enterprise software solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its Secure Enterprise Router Proxy (SERP) software for wireless service providers. The software brings new functionality, performance, and manageability to wireless software deployments for wireless service providers and enterprise users, and is available immediately.

Unlike other wireless data solutions, Neomars SERP prevents decryption of corporate data by the service provider, while allowing enterprises to avoid the cost and complexity of establishing a separate private connection to each carrier. Developed specifically for mobile packet data deployments, Neomars software extends traditional VPNs and integrates with corporate directory, authentication, and authorization solutions.

With the inclusion of native IP support, Neomars SERP now enables service providers to support aggregated secure wireless data traffic across all cellular and mobile networks, including the DataTAC and Mobitex networks used for Palm OS, Pocket PC, J2ME, and all RIM BlackBerry handheld devices, CDPD, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, and 802.11 networks, as well as next-generation 2.5G wireless networks GPRS and CDMA2000 1x.

With the new SERP, mobile service providers can provision a "secure wireless pipe" to their enterprise customers with cross-network and cross-device support, including secure support for both push and pull data. An added benefit of the software is that it enables auto-resumption of secure sessions. Users dont need to log in each time they want to do work, submit forms, or check for updates. In addition, users maintain authentication and session support as they travel in and out of coverage. Session policy is completely controlled by the administrator at the enterprise.

"These new SERP features offer tangible benefits to enterprise users and service providers," said John Troyer, chief strategy officer at Neomar. "By enabling VPNs across a variety of devices and networks, IT and communications managers can now support wireless deployments as they evolve throughout their enterprises. The new SERP features allow service providers to deploy solutions in whatever configuration makes the most sense for each enterprise customer."

The flexible deployment architecture of the SERP, in combination with Neomars Enterprise Server and Microbrowser software, enables wireless carriers and ASPs to offer enterprises both fully hosted solutions and enterprise-managed deployments from behind the corporate firewall. In addition, enterprises will now be able to open just a single outbound firewall port for both pull and push wireless data traffic, even when enterprise users access corporate applications via a variety of devices and carriers.

"These SERP enhancements open up a world of new possibilities for the wireless service providers," said Neil Wilson, senior vice president of account services at Neomar. "Service providers can offer enterprise customers either a fully hosted solution, or a solution in which enterprises host their own wireless servers, and the SERP maintains security and manageability across all devices and networks. In each configuration, the combination of the SERP and the Neomar Enterprise Server offers secure and cost-effective solutions to enterprise IT managers for their wireless deployments."

For more information regarding Neomars solutions, partners, integrators, and resellers, visit the Neomar Mobile Solutions Center at www.neomar.com/solutionscenter. Registered developers and enterprise users are also invited to download no-cost trial versions of the Neomar Enterprise Server and Neomar Microbrowser for evaluation and testing from the Mobile Solutions Center site.