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Discretix CryptoCell Security Solution Licensed by Ericsson for use in Next Generation Mobile Phone Platforms

NETANYA, Israel Jan. 21, 2002 Discretix Technologies Ltd., the developer of silicon-based security solutions for wireless devices and Ericsson Mobile Platforms AB, the wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson, today announced that Ericsson will implement CryptoCell, Discretix secure solution for mobile handsets, into its future GPRS and 3G mobile phone platforms.

The use of the Discretix CryptoCell security solution within its devices will enable Ericsson to provide the highest levels of security which are essential as revenue generating applications, such as online banking, e-Commerce and access to corporate networks via VPN, are rapidly becoming key applications for mobile devices.

We see power and cost efficient security solutions as key features in our open platforms for 2.5G and 3G wireless terminals, said Björn Ekelund, VP Technology Development, Ericsson Mobile Platforms. Our goal is to offer the most interoperable platform solutions and to support complex, information sensitive, end-to-end applications. The Discretix CryptoCell is a powerful solution that will complement our own technology base and allow us to offer our end-customers the most secure product available.

To truly succeed in bringing revenue generating applications to mobile devices, then an instant and truly resilient security solution must be incorporated into any device that is designed to handle sensitive information, said Gal Salomon, CEO, Discretix Technologies. The mobile handset market is one of the key markets that we have targeted and we are delighted that Ericsson has chosen to use our CryptoEngine technology and value-add applications to address these issues for its next generation devices. We look forward to continuing work with them in the future.

The CryptoCell security solution is based on Discretix CryptoEngine technology that sits at the heart of a microprocessor chip. To date, one of the major barriers to acceptance of Internet-enabled mobile devices has been the absence of a genuinely successful security solution within the wireless device itself. By licensing Discretix hardware engine, Ericsson is in a position to offer one of the most secure environments for the mobile devices available on todays market, with a sophisticated security level that exceeds current standards on desktop PCs.

Discretix CryptoEngine is a VLSI (very large-scale integration)-based security solution, which enables secure Internet transaction access from mobile communication devices. The CryptoEngine offers unparalleled performance while imposing minimal requirements on system resources. The CryptoEngine consists of an IP Core, which integrates easily with the existing chips in wireless devices and supports all major cryptographic algorithms for encryption and data-hashing, security protocols (IPSec, SSL/TLS, and WTLS) and standards (WAP, MeT, IETF, Mobey). The CryptoEngine is based on a PKI engine that supports unlimited key length and complies with major cryptographic standards.

As the CryptoCell engine is built into the silicon of the chip architecture, it requires a minimal amount of processing power and has a very small memory footprint, thus preserving valuable battery life and freeing up space for memory-hungry applications. As Discretix uses algorithms within the silicon hardware, the solution eliminates the risks associated with viruses or hackers breaking into the system, thus delivering instant security protection.

About Discretix
Discretix is an Israeli-based market innovator of silicon-based CryptoEngine technology that provides a complete security solution for resource-constrained environments, such as wireless devices and smart-cards, where stringent limits apply to the cost, size and power consumption of the devices. Along with a broad range of enabling applications, this technology is designed as an IP-core, which is licensable to semiconductor designers and partners across a range of markets, including mobile handsets, Bluetooth and wireless-LAN devices, as well as smart cards and multimedia cards. Discretix aims to become the market leader in advanced security solutions for wireless devices. For more information about Discretix products and solutions, please visit www.discretix.com