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Neomar Announces Enhancements to Developer Program, New Developer Site

SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 10, 2002 - Neomar, a leading developer of wireless enterprise software solutions, today announced significant enhancements to the companys developer program, including a new support site for application developers. The new site includes developer versions of Neomars latest software, product documentation, moderated developer discussion forums, a searchable support database, and sample WML and Push applications for developer application modeling and testing.

Developers are requested to register for the program at http://www.neomar.com/developers. The new developer site, which requires developer partner registration, is accessible immediately.

Neomars developer program assists developers in creating and testing applications compatible with Neomars popular server and handheld software, including Palm, Handspring, PocketPC and J2ME devices, as well as the Neomar Microbrowser with Intelligent Client Engine (ICE) for RIM BlackBerry wireless handhelds. The Microbrowser with ICE supports such advanced features as push alerts, background push, and off-line availability of saved pages and forms all critical features for enterprise applications that support mobile workers in always-on/intermittently-available wireless environments.

Enterprise software developers can now create applications that push dynamic content such as price and inventory list updates, stock alerts, and worker dispatching and scheduling updates to BlackBerry devices in the field, and automatically schedule updates via Neomars Enterprise Server software, said John Troyer, Neomars chief strategy officer. By adding push support to enterprise applications, developers can dramatically increase the value of their applications to corporate mobile users. Users dont have to synch their devices at a workstation, or even ping their applications manually, in order to get updates to critical data.

Neomars enterprise software paves the way for the wireless deployment of high-value business applications by addressing three key issues surrounding wireless application delivery and support: security, performance, and manageability.

Neomars software suite, including the behind-the-firewall Neomar Enterprise Server (NES) and Neomar Microbrowser, an intelligent thin client for leading handheld devices, creates a secure, scalable delivery infrastructure for corporate applications and data. The combination of these software products (based on open standards WTLS and WPKI) completely solves, for the first time, the man in the middle wire-line to wireless protocol security gap that plagues most current wireless solutions. Neomars software also supports RSA SecurID®, as well as RADIUS and LDAP authentication. Key industry partners, including 724 Solutions and Aether Systems, now offer Neomars software to enterprise customers as their standard solution for secure wireless application delivery.

Neomars Real Mobility software solutions framework establishes a new performance standard for both todays and tomorrows generations of wireless applications, through a combination of smart caching, optimized over-the-air synching, off-line browsing, forms storage, compression, alerts, and background push. Neomars client software offers a 50-60% reduction in rendering speed versus competing solutions, and Neomars server software ensures that application data is delivered as needed while the end-device is within coverage. The combination delivers a superior user experience, while minimizing costs through reduced air link usage.

Neomars software gives corporate managers the ability to use their existing SNMP-compliant systems management platforms to manage the complexities that come from the many devices, users, and carrier networks that comprise a typical wireless solution. Neomars software is designed for interoperability across a broad variety of servers, end-devices, and platforms.

Application developers can learn more about Neomars solutions, partners, integrators, and resellers by visiting the Neomar Mobile Solutions Center at www.neomar.com/solutionscenter. Registered developers and enterprise users are invited to download no-cost trial versions of the Neomar Enterprise Server and Neomar Microbrowser for evaluation and testing from the Mobile Solutions Center site.

About Neomar
Neomar is a leading developer of systems management, application delivery and mobile device software for wireless network providers and Fortune 1000 enterprises. Neomars solutions optimize performance, enable secure delivery, and provide systems management functionality for data, applications, and wireless devices in diverse mobile computing environments. Neomar partners with premier systems integrators, wireless carriers and technology companies to bring a full suite of wireless solutions to business customers. Neomars partners include 724 Solutions (Nasdaq: SVNX), Aether Systems (Nasdaq: AETH), Bell Mobility (NYSE: BCE), Cingular Wireless (NYSE: SBC; NYSE: BLS), EarthLink (NASDAQ: ELNK), EDS (NYSE: EDS), Handspring (Nasdaq: HAND), IBM (NYSE: IBM), MDSI Mobile Data Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDSI), Motient Corp. (Nasdaq: MTNT), Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) and Research In Motion Limited (Nasdaq: RIMM). Neomar, a privately held company based in San Francisco, California, was founded in July 1999. For more information, please call 415-403-7300 or visit http://www.neomar.com.