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NEXTENSO announces the intercompatibility of Gemplus' GemXplore's [email protected] technology with Nextenso's portal applications software, enabling Mobile Internet services for WAP and non-WAP telephones

Nextenso, an Alcatel subsidiary and software editor whose product enables the creation and enrichment of multi-access Internet portals announces the compatibility of Gemplus' GemXplore's [email protected]* technology with Nextenso software suite.

The combination of the Nextenso software with the Gemplus GemXplore Suite integrating GemXplore [email protected] browsing will create a global solution enabling mobile operators to:
- Extend their portfolios to include mobile internet services whatever the GSM device: WAP telephones but also non-WAP phones equipped with STK apps or [email protected] browsing, and thus reach a wider range of clients.
- Provide revenue-generating wireless services through the creation of personalized, user-centric, multi-access portals.
- Propose value-added services such as:
* location-based services, through the Gemplus smart card and the Nx Location Server,
* instant notification alerts, thanks to the Gemplus OTA platform and the Nx Notification Server or
* personalized home pages, with the Nx HomePage application.

"Now, both Nextenso and Gemplus can offer their clients the possibility to extend their market reach," declared Denis Attal, CEO of Nextenso. "Together we are able to provide new multi-access applications compatible with any Internet standards, including [email protected] browsing".

"With GemXplore Suite, Gemplus can now manage both cards and services from one, future-proof platform to deliver any e-service to all customers in record time. With the integration of Nextenso software suite, we can offer value-added services to our customers. These services enable operators for example to attract new customers, keep them coming back regularly and often, and generate new revenues ", said Ng Fook Seng, Business Solutions Director of Global Services, Gemplus Asia Pacific.

* [email protected] - SIMalliance Toolbox ([email protected]) is the first secure, SIM-based, global standard for accessing WML and other internet-based content

About Nextenso
Nextenso develops and commercializes a rich and modular suite of applications and services. The Nextenso software suite enables the creation, enrichment and management of personalized, multi-access Internet portals for fixed and mobile Internet-enabled voice and data devices. Nextenso is an independent software vendor with products distributed internationally by a wide network of sales partners. Ready-to-customize Nextenso applications and services are fully compatible with all wireless and wireline networks, and work fluidly no matter what technological evolutions may arise in networks, voice-driven access, devices, protocols, markup languages, etc. The unique carrier-grade architecture of the Nextenso solution is rapid to deploy and responds to the markets demand for the highest quality of service and availability. Nextenso enables both telecom operators and corporations to create their Internet portal or to build on their existing portal strategy, whether B-to-B (business-to-business), B-to-C (business-to-consumers or to-customers), or B-to-E (business to employees). Nextenso has been delivering its software to clients since late 1998, and enjoys a growing list of customers, currently counting product deployments in 17 countries around the world. Headquartered in the city of Antony (a suburb of Paris, France), Nextenso also has offices in Singapore, and is growing rapidly. Nextenso is an Alcatel company.

Since its creation in 1988, Gemplus International S.A.(Euronext: Sicovam 5768 and NASDAQ:GEMP) has driven the global marketing and deployment of smart card-based applications for telecommunications, financial services and e-business security.
According to the most recent third party research, Gemplus leads the industry with 35% market share by volume in memory and micro-processor cards (Gartner Dataquest, 2000)
Gemplus is instrumental throughout the value chain - chip design, card management systems, software development, and consulting - delivering integrated custom-made solutions for the security, personalization and privacy management needs of clients and partners worldwide.
Gemplus technology has played a defining role in the development of wireless telephony since the introduction of SIM cards into the GSM standard in 1990.
For more than a decade, Gemplus has pioneered applications that enable network operators around the world to answer the changing needs of their customers. Gemplus was first to market with a 3G card and supplies a product range compliant with new and emerging transmission standards - 2.5G, 3G.
In 2000, revenue was 1.205 BE, up 57% from the previous years 767ME. Net income was 99 ME. Gemplus employs more than 7800 people in 37 countries worldwide.
Since 11 December 2000, Gemplus shares have been trading on Euronext Paris S.A. First Market and on Nasdaq in the form of ADSs.

Gemplus: http://www.gemplus.com