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WAP Forum at CommunicAsia 2001

The WAP Forum(TM) is pleased to announce that the following seven member companies will demonstrate their latest WAP products / services at the WAP Forum booth # 5D3-01.

Business Objects
http://www.businessobjects.com Business Objects is the worlds leading provider of e-business intelligence (e-BI) solutions. The company coined the term e-business intelligence in 1998 to describe the intersection of business intelligence and the internet. Using e-business intelligence, organizations can access, analyze, and share information in intranet, extranet, and e-business environments. In intranets, the companys products provide employees with information to make better business decisions, and are used in environments ranging from workgroups of 20 users to enterprise deployments exceeding 20,000. In the extranet environment, the company is pioneering the use of e-BI in applications that allow organizations to build stronger relationships by linking customers, partners, and suppliers via the internet. In addition, the companys products can improve the performance of an e-business by providing reporting and analysis against the ever-expanding amount of transaction and profile data that is collected each day throughout the world wide web. Founded in 1990, Business Objects pioneered the modern business intelligence industry by inventing and patenting a "semantic layer" that insulates users from the technical complexity of database systems. Today, the company has over 13,100 customers in more than 80 countries. The companys stock is publicly traded under the ticker symbols NASDAQ: BOBJ and Euronext Paris: code Euroclear France 12074, and included in the SBF 120 and IT CAC 50 French stock market indexes. Business Objects can be reached at email [email protected] and http://www.businessobjects.com.

BusinessObjects InfoView Wireless Edition takes advantage of emerging wireless technologies, particularly Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in Europe and in the US and i-mode in Japan, that empowers users with wireless devices to easily access and interact with information and services instantly.
Based on InfoView, the Wireless Edition includes additional components that support current internet-enabled wireless devices and enable it as a flexible e-BI platform to support future wireless technologies. InfoView Wireless Edition gives users the following benefits:
Mobile Business Intelligence
Secure Information Access Anytime
A Flexible and Progressive Solution
All you need is a standard internet-enabled mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) to easily connect to your corporate BI portal. Then you can access your corporate information, personalized based on your profile for faster reading. And you need not wait for the most recent information broadcast anymore: now you can interactively retrieve any information you need, when you need it. For further information, go to http://www.businessobjects.com/products/infoview_wireless.htm

Media Contact:
Stephen Williams
Regional Director, Asia
Tel: +65 887 4228
Email: [email protected]

http://www.captaris.com Captaris is a leading provider of unified communications and mobile business solutions, and home to some of the most recognized product brands in the business communications industry including RightFax, CallXpress, MediaLinq, and Infinite. Captaris gives you the freedom to conduct business at anytime, from anywhere, and the control to manage the information you need, when you need it. Captaris keeps business within your reach.

The Infinite Mobile Delivery Server provides a complete solution for secure and reliable wireless access to corporate information and resources. By integrating tightly with a variety of enterprise applications such as email, contacts, schedules, CRM, ERP, document management and knowledge management systems, users can securely conduct business from anywhere, at anytime, using virtually any device.

Media Contact:
Allan Carter
Director of Marketing
Tel: +1 410 363 1097
Email: [email protected]

http://www.edify.com Edify develops customer interaction solutions for all customer contact channels.

Enterprises worldwide use Edifys proven, open platform to integrate and manage their customers natural choice of web, voice, wireless and e-mail communications, strengthening customer relationships and enterprise profitability.

Edify makes this possible through Edify Enterprise, a full function, enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that features Edify Virtual Customer Service Representatives (vCSR) and the Edify Interaction Center.

The companys software has been licensed to more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. Edify software is distributed directly and through leading solutions providers, applications partners and distributors around the globe. Edify Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with international offices in London, England, Sydney, Australia, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Edify is a subsidiary of S1 Corporation (NASDAQ: SONE), the pioneer of Internet banking and todays leading provider of innovative Internet-based financial services solutions.

Edify Corp. recently unveiled the Wireless Secure Program, a hardware and software bundle designed to quell the security concerns of financial institutions that want to extend their reach to wireless customers.

Edify has integrated its Electronic Workforce application, which lets companies deploy wireless technology for interactive communications, with the Secure Enterprise Proxy from Openwave Systems Inc. The Secure Enterprise Proxy is a server that creates a Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) tunnel and encrypts data before it travels from a handheld device to its destination. Together, the products enable data to travel completely over a wireless network and remain encrypted throughout the entire transaction.

Typically, wireless carriers move data onto the Internet, requiring them to decrypt the data and then re-encrypt it via the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocol. During the conversion, the data is "in the clear" and available to cyberthieves, says Warren Hill, strategic business director at Edify. "It hasnt happened yet, but anyone who knows about Unix memory management can download that consumers personal account information, user ID, and password" if they time it right, he says.

National Interbank, an Indianapolis provider of private-label online banking and services, is concerned about hackers accessing customer information and is testing the Wireless Secure Program, CEO Randy Waterfield says. Credit Suisse and Fidelity are also testing the product. "We see this as adding a hybrid level of security for our customers using wireless devices," says Mike Mouakadakis, chief technology officer at National Interbank. "If their data is traveling over the Net, we have 128-bit SSL encryption. If its travelling over wireless, we now have 128-bit WTSL, and Edify has also given us secure voice capabilities.

Media Contact:
Lisa Carroll
Marketing Manager, Edify Asia
Tel: +61 2 9231 7530
Email: [email protected]

http://www.fenestrae.com Fenestrae is a global leading provider of software solutions for mobile and multi-media information exchange. Company headquarters are located in Leidschendam, The Netherlands. Fenestrae has offices in the USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. Fenestraes present flagship products, Faxination and Fenestrae MDS, are sold through a worldwide partner network, with installation in more than 60 countries.

At CommunicAsia 2001 Fenestrae, a global leading provider of software solutions for mobile and multi-media information exchange, announces Fenestrae Mobile Data Server (MDS) 2.5. It is the latest version of this mobile software solution incorporating the newest technologies in connecting mobile professionals to corporate data, using any device, across any network via any application. Visitors are invited to try the latest additions to the Fenestrae Mobile Data Server live at the stand.

Fenestrae Mobile Data Server is the mobile solution to enable mobile professionals to stay up-to-date with what is happening at the office while they are on the road. It doesnt matter whether the business professional uses a SMS, WAP or Smartphone or a Windows CE compatible PDA or Palm to connect to corporate information. Fenestrae MDS 2.5 focuses on freedom of use by integrating the ability to switch devices through the addition of the automatic detect of browser feature. Fenestrae MDS is network neutral and performs with GPRS, i-Mode, WAP and GSM, giving the business user global coverage and global control. With "any application" Fenestrae stresses that by using an existing mobile phone the mobile professional can connect to Microsoft Exchange data such as email, contacts, calendar and tasks and Internet mail, information from any database and information locked way in the users CRM / ERP system.

Forrester, an independent research firm estimates that in four years time m-commerce will generate a 1.4 billion dollar revenue stream in Western Europe alone. Fenestrae Mobile Data Server is the perfect basis for a companys m-commerce strategy, improving service offerings to the most valued clients with wireless information services, customized to the clients needs. The wireless services enabled via Fenestrae MDS range from the ability to mobile add, modify and delete information in the corporate environment to improving personal productivity through push of data like triggers or reminders of business critical information using SMS. Fenestrae acknowledges the importance of security for any company by adding to this version of Fenestrae MDS end-to-end security through data encryption over the HTTP protocol.

Fenestrae Mobile Data Server 2.5 complements any business mobile strategy as international and global company can easily capitalize on the mobile revolution with this single solution available for all mobile devices. Fenestrae MDS can either run at the customers premises or can be hosted by operators or ASPs as a service offering.

Media Contact:
Jane Wong
Marketing Manager
Tel: +852 2530 8844
Email: [email protected]

Mgage Systems
http://www.mgage.com Mgage Systems provide mobile operators and service providers in Europe with innovative mobile messaging applications. The company was founded in February 2000 backed up by strong international investors. Today Mgage Systems employ 35 people in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The vision is to be a leading provider of mobile messaging applications - King of Mobile Messaging.

Mgage Systems Messaging Portfolio
Mgage Systems offer a variety of innovative and end-user friendly mobile messaging services that attract end-users, increase airtime and build brand image.
· Mobile Chat - a chat service that brings all the familiar Internet chat functionalities to a mobile terminal, allowing users to chat WAP- to- WAP,WAP- to- WEB and WEB- to- WEB.
· Mobile e-Cards - a service that enables users to send electronic greeting cards from a mobile device directly to other users mobile devices or mail boxes.
· Mobile Group Messaging - a mobile group messaging service that enables end users to manage groups of receivers and provides the ability to send group SMS and e-mails using SMS, WAP or WEB.
· Mobile Swapper - a mobile peer- to- peer community service that allows users to create, upload, share, search for and download files that other users have, such as ring signals, images and eventually MP3s, digital photos, etc.
· Mgage RobotBattle - an innovative WAP/SMS game that is built upon Mgage Gaming Engine. RobotBattle enables end-users to build their own robots and challenge other players in battle fights. Specifically targeted for the high-traffic mobile generation, this addictive service will drive data traffic usage among young people.

Media Contacts:
Styrbjörn Horn, Mikael Lenneryd
CEO Director of Marketing
Tel: +46 70 26 11 000 Tel: +46 70 26 11 004
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

Openwave Systems Inc.
http://www.openwave.com Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV) is the worldwide leader of open IP-based communication infrastructure software and applications. Openwave is a global company headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Media Contact:
Shi Lei
Openwave Systems - China
Tel: + 86 10 6588 4166 x125
Email: [email protected]

http://www.trintech.com Founded in 1987, Trintech is a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions for card-based transactions for physical world commerce, eCommerce and mobile commerce. The company offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications, as well as being a world leader in the deployment of payment solutions for Internet commerce that are fully SSL and SET(tm) compliant. Trintechs range of scalable open systems architecture solutions for UNIX® and Windows NT(tm) platforms covers consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for physical payments and the emerging world of electronic commerce. Trintech can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403 (Tel: 650-227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel: 353-1-207-4000).

Trintechs PayWare mAccess provides secure payment for mobile commerce. PayWare mAccess addresses the payment requirements of the wireless market by providing the bank card issuers, telcos, wireless carriers and manufacturers with a server-based solution, that seamlessly and securely authenticates the user and routes payment details from wireless devices for authorization and settlement. Consumers can use a variety of access channels such as cell phones, PDAs, or other wireless access devices to pay for goods and services with one touch convenience and full security authentication. For 15 years, Trintech has supplied the infrastructure that enable reliable and secure payment through multiple channels - physical, virtual or mobile.

Media Contact:
Gary Byrd
Strategic Technology Communications
Nadel Phelan Inc.
Tel: +1 831 440 2414
Email: [email protected]