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Wentworth offers the world’s first real 3D Golf game for Mobile Device Users

June 2001 - Three of the UKs leading games companies today announced a deal to bring one of the worlds most popular sports to a mobile phone near you.

Empire Interactives Wentworth Golf, developed by IOMO Productions and co-published by Digital Bridges Ltd. and Empire, will be launched worldwide later this year. For the first time on a mobile device, players will be able to play 3D golf on a real world-famous course.

The initial release of the game is designed to take advantage of the current generation of mobile devices and network technologies. The game contains a number of unique features which make it one of the most sophisticated titles ever created for mobile devices - including a full 3D graphics engine, animation and in-depth gameplay. Updated versions of the game will be released to exploit the enhanced features of the next generation of mobile devices working over GPRS and 3G networks.

Wentworth Golf is Empires debut title in a range of products being developed specifically for new delivery devices, such as mobile phones and interactive television and is the companys first production of a powerful alliance with specialist development, distribution and brand licence partners. It establishes Empire as one of the world leaders in exploring the new media available to gamers across the world and working to bring their renowned high standard of gaming to these channels.

IOMO Productions are fast becoming one of the most highly respected creators of games for mobile devices in the world today. Wentworth Golf has been designed specifically for wireless devices using their proprietary 3D graphics engine. This allows the game environment to be generated dynamically as the game is played, providing the game with an unparalleled level of realism and accuracy.

Digital Bridges is acknowledged as one of the true pioneers of mobile gaming. Since 1998 they have been working to bring the biggest and best players from the games and entertainment industries onto the new medium of the wireless Internet. Their unique provision of a total entertainment service to network operators around the world has led them to a world leading position, with 20 network operators across the world utilising Digital Bridges innovative UNITY technology to deliver games and entertainment to their subscribers. Digital Bridges also has more than 50 handpicked development partners creating content for current and next generation mobile devices.

The wireless Internet is one of the fastest growing mediums ever created. Recent market research shows that by 2005 there will be 198 million mobile phone users playing wireless games in Western Europe and the USA. This represents a total market value of over $6bn within the next four years in these two markets alone. Digital Bridges current network customers in Europe have a combined subscriber base of approximately 150,000,000. With new wireless devices appearing weekly and the network operators ensuring their users are aware of the new services they are offering, the wireless Internet promises to be the most dynamic entertainment delivery channel of the 21st century.

Wentworth Golf will be released in Q2 of 2001. A full list of network operators and portals carrying the title will be published shortly before the release date.

Ian Higgins, Empire Interactives CEO, commented Wentworth Golf marks phase one of a significant brand extension program for Empire. The interactive entertainment industry acknowledges that mobile gaming has to make a leap into the mass-market, and we know that Wentworth Golf is already being acknowledged as a benchmark title in the evolution of this exciting new medium. With significant worldwide sales of Empires PC version, this is a franchise that enjoys huge awareness amongst sports-sim fans. Delivering a mobile Internet version is a logical step towards developing a much larger player base.

John Chasey, Managing Director of IOMO, said, Wentworth Golf will bring a degree of realism never seen before to WAP devices. The fact that people will be able to access the game regardless of where they are, whenever they wish, the world famous Wentworth club, licence and the simple engaging gameplay will ensure that Wentworth Golf becomes the standard for games players around the world.

Kevin Bradshaw, CEO and founder of Digital Bridges agreed, Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and the chance to create a game as sophisticated and exciting as Wentworth Golf, with partners like Empire and IOMO was an ideal opportunity to extend the range of content offered through our Wirelessgames channel. The fact that the Wentworth Club has been involved with the creation of this game from the outset is a strong endorsement of the wireless Internet as an entertainment medium. The high quality of the game itself, combined with the almost universal appeal of golf means that Wentworth Golf promises to be a valuable addition to the Wirelessgames line-up.