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Rewriting Legacy Turning Old into Gold

Cellnext introduces Legacy Magic the m-Business gateway for legacy applications.

Cellnext Solutions Ltd., a leading high-end wireless technology and solutions provider from India, today announced the global launch of Legacy Magic, its proprietary middleware technology framework at the Internet World 2001 at London, Europes premier technology event beginning from 5th June 2001.
This non-invasive framework enables real-time access to mission-critical applications running on IBM AS/400 legacy systems, through wireless devices like mobile phones and PDAs. The framework uses a sophisticated TN 5250 scraping technology, which slices the legacy application into presentation objects and application objects in the run-time. Application objects can be then be value-added and integrated with other applications or databases, before rendering over mobile devices including WAP & SMS phones or desktops connected to the internet.

Cellnext will closely work with IBM to support AS/400 and ES/390 legacy systems for web & wireless enablement of the applications running on them. Cellnext is an Advanced Level Participant in IBMs PartnerworldTM (IBMs Partnership Program) for integrating and developing solutions on IBM Hardware.

Highlighting this major technological breakthrough Mr. Atanu Mandal, CEO, Cellnext stated, Legacy magic offers enterprises to web and wireless enable their redundant data at a fraction of the cost compared to the conventional methods. It is bound to create a niche for itself in world middleware market. A large number of organizations are feeling the need to web and wireless enable their data lying in their servers so that the access to information is possible anytimeanywhere. Legacy Magic allows all this in a flexible and versatile manner .

Commenting on the technology Mr. Asoke Talukder, Chief Technical Officer, Cellnext stated, We have successfully concluded pilot installations of the Legacy Magic framework on IBM AS/400 systems. Over the next 12 months we plan to develop the framework for other platforms starting with the IBM ES/390 mainframe.
The company has ambitious plans to market Legacy Magic through VARs (Value Added Resellers) and SIs (System Integrators) as implementation partners in global markets.
About Cellnext
Cellnext Solutions Ltd., is a wireless technology and solutions provider promoted by the Escorts Group, one of Indias largest business houses.
Cellnext develops various applications for wireless enabling businesses on SMS, WAP and GPRS. Its offerings focus around its core competencies of IP-creation in the Middleware space, wireless applications design and development, system integration and networking solutions. It also provides Wireless ASP services to Enterprises and Cellular Operators. Cellnexts technology and service platforms support not only current GSM technologies like SMS and WAP, but also future technologies like GPRS and 3G.

Indias first proprietary middleware framework, Legacy Magic, that allows non- invasive Web/WAP/SMS enablement of legacy applications for enterprises.

Partnership with IBM for developing this framwork to support IBM systems - which are today the most prominent platform for legacy applications..

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