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WAP Forum Booth at Internet World UK, London, June 5-7, 2001

The WAP Forum is pleased to announce that the following seven member companies will demonstrate their latest WAP products / services at the WAP Forum booth # 540.

Cellnext Solutions Ltd.
http://www.cellnext.com Cellnext Solutions Ltd. is a wireless technology and solutions provider that develops various applications for mobile enabling businesses on SMS, WAP and GPRS. Its offerings focus around its core competencies of IP creation in the Middleware space, and PKI-based wireless application development to facilitate secure transactions for Enterprises. It also provides Wireless ASP services to Enterprises and Cellular Operators. Cellnexts technology and service platforms support not only current GSM technologies like SMS, WAP, CSD and GPRS but also technologies like 3G.

Cellnext Portfolio - Products and Services - include Mobile Middleware (Legacy Magic ¡V Cellnext IPR and SmartTrust DP5 - Third party), Wireless SI (Cellnext¡¦s Application and Systems Development suite, Cellnext¡¦s Implementation & Integration suite, and Cellnext Network and Wireless Development suite), and Wireless ASP (Wireless ASP for Enterprises Development, Hosting & Delivery of SMS/WAP services for Enterprises and Wireless ASP for Operators).

Cellnext will show its Legacy Magic, a platform-specific mobile middleware which "e" & "m" enables applications running on Legacy systems (currently available for IBM AS /400) in a completely non-invasive manner. This uses a sophisticated TN 5250 scarping technology which generates APIs for the Back-end applications which can be value-added and further modified before rendering over a mobile device (WAP or SMS Phones) or a desktop. Cellnext Solutions Limited is an "Advanced Partner" of IBM for this product.

Media Contacts:
Pankaj Sharma
Accord Public Relations (Pvt) Ltd. .
Telephone: +91-11-4320132-33, 4311163
E-mail: [email protected] or
[email protected]

Yatin Pahwa
Cellnext Solutions Ltd
Telephone: +91-11-6818446 Ext. 103
E-mail: [email protected]

Edify Corporation
http://www.edify.com Edify Corporation is one of the fastest growing providers of multi-channel customer interaction solutions. Edify Enterprise, a full function, enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that features Edify¡¦s Virtual Customer Service Representatives (vCSR) and the Edify Interaction Center, is the main product.

Edify¡¦s vCSRs are a suite of applications that increase the speed and effectiveness of customer sales and service through the automation of customer interaction, both written and verbal. Using leading edge, Edify Natural Language technology, they can fulfill customer requests from any incoming channel, including phone, wireless, email, and the web, without human assistance. At any point during a customer interaction the vCSR can connect the customer with a service or sales representative anywhere within the enterprise and simultaneously provide assistance to the human representative. As a result, the rapidly growing volume and complexity of customer service and sales interactions are managed in real time, without delays or duplication of data entry. With Edify¡¦s vCSRs, enterprises can provide their customers with a true advocate and assistant that knows them best.

An enterprise using the Edify Enterprise solution can accept incoming customer inquiries from any communication channel. Messages that can be interpreted by Edify Natural Language are routed automatically to the appropriate vCSR; messages that cannot be reliably interpreted are routed to a human representative using the vCSR Desktop Assistant. Edify Interaction Center modules and vCSRs work in conjunction with Edify¡¦s Electronic Workforce¥ 7.0, and feature real-time integration with legacy, desktop-centric systems and existing back-office applications without replicating data.

Edify vCSRs are capable of speech recognition in 21 languages and advanced text-to-speech in 11 languages, and support Unicode, which enables double-byte data processing in the Asia-Pacific region. The Edify Interaction Center also provides wireless customer interaction solutions using WAP, iMode, Compact HTML, and SMS wireless protocols.

Edify was founded in 1990 and has more than 1,000 customers in North America, Asia, and Europe. For more information, please visit the Edify web site at www.edify.com.

Edify Corp. will demonstrate the Wireless Secure Program, a hardware and software bundle designed to quell the security concerns of financial institutions that want to extend their reach to wireless customers.

Edify has integrated its Electronic Workforce application, which lets companies deploy wireless technology for interactive communications, with the Secure Enterprise Proxy from Openwave Systems Inc. The Secure Enterprise Proxy is a server that creates a Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) tunnel and encrypts data before it travels from a handheld device to its destination. Together, the products enable data to travel completely over a wireless network and remain encrypted throughout the entire transaction.

Edify has also incorporated Voice Verification technology into the solution to address the needs of those devices which cannot support the latest WAP standards, thus providing a solution to the entire market.

Typically, wireless carriers move data onto the Internet, requiring them to decrypt the data and then re-encrypt it via the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocol. During the conversion, the data is "in the clear" and available to cyberthieves, says Warren Hill, strategic business director at Edify. "It hasnt happened yet, but anyone who knows about Unix memory management can download that consumers personal account information, user ID, and password" if they time it right, he says.

National Interbank, an Indianapolis provider of private-label online banking and services, is concerned about hackers accessing customer in-formation and is testing the Wireless Secure Program, CEO Randy Waterfield says. Credit Suisse and Fidelity are also testing the product. "We see this as adding a hybrid level of security for our customers using wireless devices," says Mike Bouakadakis, chief technology officer at National Interbank. "If their data is traveling over the Net, we have 128-bit SSL encryption. If its travelling over wireless, we now have 128-bit WTSL, and Edify has also given us secure voice capabilities."

Media Contacts:
Marilyn Green
LVA Corporate Communications
Telephone: +1-650-654 4962
E-mail: [email protected]

Jataayu Software
http://www.jataayusoft.com Jataayu Software, subsidiary of Integra Micro Systems (www.integramicro.com) and a member of the WAP Forum was the first Indian company to launch WAP Servers. Jataayu is the leader in the WAP Arena in India with major Carriers, Banks and Enterprises deploying its Solutions. More than 75% of the WAP requests are currently being serviced by Jataayu WAP Gateway installations in India. The company¡¦s offerings include WAP Servers/Gateways, Browsers, SMS Gateway, WAP Stack, WAP and WEB applications such as Mail, Chat, and Personal Information Manager. Jataayu¡¦s professional Services division provides consulting services and custom software development services in the area of WAP and emerging 3G technologies. Jataayu¡¦s strategic alliances and investors include Asia¡¦s largest software company Tata Consultancy Services (www.tcs.com). With the mission of ¡¥unwiring the internet¡¨ and a vision to make the availability of Internet information ¡§Anywhere Anytime Anyway¡¦ Jataayu is well positioned to offer world class products, applications, services and consulting for the Global market.

Jataayu Software announces the release of a new browser for WAP, which supports location aware services. Jataayus jBrowser, one of the earliest WAP browsers for PDAs, has now been enhanced to support delivering of location information to applications. Jataayu supports Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide a very high degree of precision in pinpointing the location of a user. This can be used to provide deliver targeted information and services to users. These services could range from making directory services intelligent to providing map and navigation information. Mr. Raj Kesarimall, Director, Marketing of Jataayu Software says ¡§Location aware services are going to provide a major fillip to the Mobile Internet and speed up its adoption. Jataayu is well positioned with jBrowser to address this market.¡¨ jBrowser already supports push services, the critical element of WAP 1.2 as well as being fully WAP 1.1 compliant. ¡§The combination of push and location information is going to pave the way for a lot of compelling applications that have been waiting for the browsers to become available¡¨, says Arun Tanksali, Director, Product Engineering.

Media Contacts:
Priya Arjun
Corporate Communications
Telephone: +91-80-3449243
E-mail: [email protected]

Raj Kesarimall
Telephone: +1-703-437 0500
E-mail: [email protected]

Mercury Interactive
http://www.mercuryinteractive.co.uk Mercury Interactive is the leading provider of WAP performance management solutions, which are designed to turn application performance, scalability and user experience into competitive advantage. Founded in 1989, Mercury Interactive employs more than 1,300 staff in over 40 offices worldwide. In 2000, it grew at 64%, achieving revenues of $307 million.

Mercury Interactives offerings include:
Load Testing tools and services: LoadRunner (the de-facto industry standard for load testing) and Active Test
Application Performance Monitoring tools and services: Topaz and ActiveWatch (recently awarded Editor¡¦s choice for APM by PC Magazine, UK)
Functional Testing tools: Astra QuickTest; WinRunner
Test Process Management tools: Test Director, Astra FastTrack

Mercury Interactive will demonstrate the world¡¦s first WAP Performance management tool, LoadRunner, that can predict the scalability of both the WAP Gateway and also the m-business infrastructure and allow the isolation of bottlenecks in any part of the infrastructure, giving Gateway providers and WAP application developers the confidence to deploy systems.

The huge number of different interfaces that a WAP application can be viewed through will only grow and grow. How can application developers be confident that their application will be viewed correctly on all devices? Only through automated functional testing of WAP applications using WinRunner will WAP application developers have the confidence to deploy.

Once deployed, will you rely upon your customers to phone you to tell you that they cannot gain access to your WAP offering? After 8 seconds of waiting, it is proven that over 30% of customers will give up and move onto your competitors site. To be proactively warned by Topaz that transaction performance is degrading or failing completely and to have the diagnostics isolate the problem quickly will give WAP application developers a huge advantage.

Media Contact:
Nicky Wheaton
Manning, Selvage & Lee
Telephone: +44-(0)207-878 3144
E-mail: [email protected]

Motorola, Inc.
http://www.motorola.com Motorola Inc. is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. These include software-enhanced wireless telephone, two-way radio, and messaging products and systems, as well as networking and Internet-access products, for consumers, network operators, and commercial, government and industrial customers. Sales in 2000 were $37.6 billion.

Motorolas Applications Global NETwork (MAGNET) supports application developers who want to work with Motorola products. For more information about the MAGNET and its Regional Application Development Center offerings, please visit the web site at: www.motorola.com/developers/wireless.

Motorola will demonstrate its Mobile Platform System (MPS), an integrated hardware and software platform offering Internet access, e-mail access and Personal Information Management (PIM) synchronization. With the MPS, the newest edition to Motorolas Data Server product portfolio, WAP services are faster, easier, more secure, and more fun for mobile users. Motorolas MPS provides access to services via WAP enabled devices and PCs with a web browser. Using your mobile device as an information tool has never been easier.

Scheduled for shipment in the second quarter of this year, the MPS gives cellular carriers, service providers, and enterprises an integrated software and hardware solution that can offer new applications and services, increase customer loyalty, generate additional revenue and enhance the user experience. MPS sets people free by providing mobile access to Internet-based information when and where you need it to make life simpler, smarter, safer and synchronized.

"Our Mobile Platform System represents the most sophisticated communication software and hardware available for mobile devices," said Yvonne Verse, vice president and director, data solutions platform technology & 3rd party developer support, in the Internet Software and Content Group (ISCG), which developed the system. "We are bringing to wireless Internet products the convenience, reliability and functionality that end-users want to help make their lives better."

The Mobile Platform System (MPS) is comprehensive suite of three award winning software solutions made up of Motorolas WAP Server, VoxSurf email, and Starfish TrueSyncR PIM Sync, coupled with highly available hardware and software architecture. This combination of hardware and software creates a completely integrated turnkey solution, providing users a tremendous amount of benefits including easy access to multiple applications and services, authentication, provisioning, transaction logging, system management, database access and secure access to information. The MPS is designed to meet the high performance needs of todays demanding environments, with the flexibility to be easily upgraded with new application servers as a customers requirements expand.

MPS deploys a common and integrated architecture across all systems to provide the following key components that benefit customers:

Scalability and High Availability
Database Architecture
Wireless Billing API
SNMP System Management
Automated Provisioning System
Extensible User Views

The core component of the MPS is Motorolas WAP Server, which allows users to access Internet applications and content from a WAP enabled device. Key features of Motorolas WAP Server include:

WAP 1.2 compliance
Interoperability of WAP compliant devices
Encryption - WTLS Class 1 and 2 Level encryption for e-commerce transactions
Open architecture -ideal environment for application development
Wireless Telephony Application (WTA) Server - enables LDAP directory servers
Supports bookmarks and cookies
Operator controlled services
Multiple methods of security implemented

Media Contact:
Patrick Hamilton
PR Marketing Manager
Telephone: +44-(0)1256-790 481
E-mail: [email protected]

http://www.space2go.com space2go (Berlin/London), founded in 1999 by Christian Huthmacher and Matthias Hirschfeld, is a leading European provider of software and services for the mobile Internet. With space2go, Mobile Phone and Automobile Manufacturers, Service Providers, Portals and E-Commerce Providers can provide their customers with quick, cost efficient and user friendly services for Mobile Commerce. Included is a virtual office in the Internet that can be operated via web and WAP or by using any other Internet device. The user can access their personal calendar, address book, bookmarks, emails and personal files when travelling. The service is available in several European languages. The space2go customer can offer the services in their own look and feel. The hosting can either be arranged by the operator or by space2go. A simplified variation is available to anyone free of charge at www.space2go.com.

space2go, the leading European provider of advanced solutions and services for the mobile Internet, recently launched Version 3.0 of their successful MobileOffice. Enhancements to the existing service that has allowed users to access all personal information and files anywhere, anytime from any device for the past year include:
Wireless sync for Personal Digital Assistants over GSM and GPRS
Automatic device recognition for optimal service display
Graphically enhanced access for PDA¡¦s to Mobile Office 3.0
First online Organiser with Active WAP
Integrated maps and route planners; search the location of business meetings or friends homes directly from your online Calendar and Contacts

Mobile Phone and Automobile Manufacturers, Service Providers, Portals and E-Commerce Providers can seamlessly integrate the space2go service to provide their customers with cost efficient, user friendly, value added services.

Media Contact:
Blair Dods
Business Development Manager
Telephone: +44-207-838 2731
E-mail: [email protected]

http://www.visa.com Visa is the world¡¦s leading payments brand and the largest payments system worldwide. Visa-branded cards generate more than US$1.7 trillion in annual volume and are accepted at over 21 million locations around the world. The Visa organization plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions and their cardholders. Visa is a leader in Internet based payments and is pioneering the creation of u-commerce, or universal commerce - the ability to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere, over any type of device.

As the world¡¦s largest consumer payments organization, Visa International is a leader in Internet based payments and is pioneering the creation of u-commerce, or universal commerce - the ability to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere, over any type of device. Securing payment for mobile commerce is an integral part of the overall u-commerce vision. Visa International has developed a new security specification for m-commerce, based on global authentication initiatives that are now being implemented for the wired Internet. The mobile specification gives banks a choice of ways to authenticate cardholders and merchants, protects the privacy of transactions and ensures that data sent over open networks remains unchanged. Created in conjunction with key players in the mobile industry, it is a flexible approach designed to ensure that national and regional solutions will be interoperable and can evolve as Internet and mobile technologies change. For more information, visit www.visa.com/mcommerce.

Media Contact:
Colin Baptie
Director, Global Corporate Relations
Telephone: +1-650-432 4671
E-mail: [email protected] .com

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