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Digital Bridges Makes a Splash on AT&T Wireless' "Sink or Swim" Games Trial

AT&T Digital PocketNet(R) Subscribers Get Access

NEW YORK CITY and REDMOND, Wash., May 23, 2001Leading global mobile entertainment provider Digital Bridges, Ltd. today announced that two of its hottest new games, Wireless Pets and Steve Jacksons Sorcery! are now available to AT&T Wireless PocketNet subscribers via the carriers Sink or Swim wireless games commercial trial.

AT&T has consistently been at the forefront of the wireless Internet revolution, and creating a sink or swim game site to determine what their - customers want is another example of their outside-the-box approach, said Anders Evju, Digital Bridges Vice President and General Manager for North America. Digital Bridges has risen to the challenge and offered up two of our newest games, Wireless Pets and Sorcery. Both are designed exclusively for the wireless environment and offer addictive game play that keep people coming back for more.

Available exclusively to AT&T Wireless PocketNet customers, Sink or Swim is a limited-time trial site that allows customers to take the latest wireless games on a test drive. After playing the games, customers get the chance to tell AT&T Wireless if the game sinks or swims. AT&T Wireless will use their customers feedback to determine which games stay and which ones go.

Were elated to have cutting-edge mobile entertainment companies like Digital Bridges participate in Sink or Swim, noted Scott Edison, AT&T Wireless business development manager. Trialing games like Wireless Pets and Sorcery with our customers not only lets us know what they like, it also opens their eyes to the exciting forms of entertainment that are possible on the wireless Internet.

Wireless Pets
No walkies. No mess. Just fun.

Wireless Pets is the ultimate game for anyone with a penchant for pets, but cant bear the chewing, the howling, the walkies or the mess of actually owning one. Pets live virtually in Petville and owners can feed, play and care for them any time, any place, on their mobile phone. Prospective owners get to choose what sort of pet they want: a cat, a dog, a turtle, a dinosaur, a ghost or an alien. Some pets are pretty straightforward, but some are a downright mystery

Steve Jacksons Sorcery
An adventure role-playing game specifically for the mobile Internet, Sorcery is an interactive game based on Steve Jacksons award-winning, interactive gamebook series. Players adventure through the Shamutanti Hills in search of the Crown of Kings. Fans of the original gamebook series will find all their favorite encounters while still being challenged with new adventures and new puzzles.

About AT&T Wireless
AT&T Wireless (NYSE: AWE) operates one of the largest digital wireless networks in North America. With more than 17 million subscribers, including partnerships and affiliates, and revenues exceeding $10 billion, AT&T Wireless is committed to being among the first to deliver the next generation of wireless products and services. Today, we offer customers high-quality wireless communications services, whether mobile or fixed, voice or data, to businesses or consumers, in the U.S. and internationally. AT&T Wireless Customer Advantage is our commitment to ensure that customers have the right equipment, the right calling plan, and the right customer services options -- today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit us at http://www.attwireless.com.

About Digital Bridges
Digital Bridges is the leading creator of entertainment for the wireless Internet, offering delivery technology, distribution and publishing capabilities, as well as content design experience to this exciting new medium.

The companys vision is to allow people to engage in interactive entertainment in any place, at any time. Using the unique multi-participant content delivery platform, UNITY, Digital Bridges generates interactive content that is automatically optimized for use over the full range of WAP handsets and other wireless Internet devices.

Digital Bridges first content channel Wirelessgames.com was launched in 2000 with a suite of classic parlor games. The company operates a B2B2C business model in which the company supplies its services and content to mobile operators and portals.

For more information on Digital Bridges, please visit http://www.digitalbridges.com.


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