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Developers join UNITY States of America

Digital Bridges announces initial US based UNITY developers

E3, Los Angeles, California, March 19h, 2001. Digital Bridges Ltd., the world¡¦s leading supplier of games and entertainment services for the wireless Internet, today announced the names of the first North American developers to sign up for its UNITY developer program, allowing them to create new titles for Digital Bridges¡¦ award winning Wirelessgames channel, which is distributed worldwide by over 20 mobile network operators.

The developers gain access to Digital Bridges¡¦ UNITY Software Development Kit (SDK), a platform independent development and distribution system, allowing developers to create games for the wireless Internet that will work across all handset devices; all network technologies, standards and protocols as well as supporting multiple languages. They will also have their titles published worldwide, through Digital Bridges¡¦ award winning Wirelessgames channel, which has the widest wireless distribution, with 20 network operators throughout five continents carrying its content.

Digital Bridges works exclusively within the wireless medium, providing media companies worldwide with the ability to create and run their own content channels for wireless users. The companies first such channel, Wirelessgames, was launched in early 2000 and has since been a critical and commercial success with many thousands of people around the world participating in its single and multi-player games every single week.

Darryl Williams, Digital Bridges Business Development Director for Games in the USA, said, we have been looking for companies who can offer us both innovation and imagination in developing for the wireless Internet. We are pleased to announce the following companies have signed up and been approved to work with Digital Bridges - Unity:¡¨

Blam!¥ has been successfully creating games for almost every digital entertainment platform since it was founded in 1995.

"We are very excited about wireless gaming and its future. Our partnership with Digital Bridges embodies the perfect opportunity to explore and exploit the wireless frontier," says Matthew Seymour, Executive Producer at BLAM!

Bottle Rocket, Inc.
Bottle Rocket develops customized and licensed games for a wide range of digital media platforms, including PCs, interactive set-tops and mobile devices. Bottle Rocket is part of the Enhanced Media Services group of ACTV, Inc., (Nasdaq: IATV), a digital media company providing technical and creative services, tools and proprietary products for enhanced media, interactive TV advertising, and personalized programming.

"Bottle Rocket is excited to team with Digital Bridges as it extends its gaming expertise to new wireless platforms," said Mark Curran, Bottle Rockets VP of Business Development.

FantasyTeam Sports Inc.
Scoreboard Network Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, manages one of the largest privately held sports portal sites. Officially launched as FantasyTeam.com in April of 1999, as a sports fantasy gaming site, Scoreboard.com has shown unprecedented expansion both in content range and traffic.

"What entices the user to play our games is the familiarity of the sporting heroes that consume sport fans daily lives, " said Rico Covello, General Manager Wireless Division

With studios in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Boston, ImaginEngine is one of the leading developers of consumer and family entertainment in the US. In addition to software and Internet development, the company designs and produces hardware and toys as well.

"The mobile phone is hot, and its just going to get even hotter," says Scott Balaban, whos leading the mobile charge at ImaginEngine. "Were thrilled to be trail blazing along with Digital Bridges!"

NuvoStudios, Inc.
Founded in 1998, NuvoStudios, Inc. develops cutting edge games for PC, Web, and Game Boy, and is rapidly becoming a leader in development of wireless games with its wildly publicised development of a cell phone version ofTetris for THQ. In addition, NuvoStudios has developed The Price Is Right, Baywatch BeachBall Blast, and Online Monopoly branded games for Infogrames. In addition, NuvoStudios games are now featured on Real Networks Arcade, and have been promoted to more than 40 Million Real Networks members. These can be seen at www.real.com/games/ns.

"Wireless games are the wave of the future and NuvoStudios plans to be at the forefront of this wave by working with strong middlewear providers like Digital Bridges."

Stormfront Studios.
Stormfront Studios is a leading developer of top quality, award-winning entertainment products for video game consoles, PC, online sites and services, and interactive TV. Founded in 1988 by veterans of Electronic Arts and George Lucas Industrial Light & Magic, Stormfront
focuses exclusively on developing premium quality titles with its 80-member in-house technical and creative staff. The companys client list includes Microsoft, Electronic Arts, EA Sports, AOL and Sony. Platforms include PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC and Game Boy Advance.

Don L. Daglow, Stormfront president and CEO, said "Stormfront Studios believes that the Digital Bridges UNITY system is an important foundation technology that will help game designers bring exciting new kindsof entertainment to wireless platforms. Were proud to be in the first wave of developers working with Digital Bridges on these projects."

Werd Interactive.
Werd Interactive was founded in 1999, To bring cutting edge fun, high quality Games to market. Werd has been working behind the scenes in the video game industry for several major companies on ground breaking projects for upcoming systems.

"With Digital Bridges Unity Platform we can bring all our wireless games ideals to market Faster and easier without worry about what device their on. We are planning to make some truly unique interactive games." randy shepherd, president, Werd Interactive

Wired Realms.
Wired Realms is a UK and US based developer with strong ties to wireless games space and is focusing on enabling content convergence. Wired Realms was founded by veterans of the game and multimedia industries to develop game content and help build communities for cellular network operators, ISPs, phone manufacturers and Internet portals worldwide.

Jonas Eneroth, Managing Director of Wired Realms, Ltd., added "Wireless gaming and content convergence are truly beginning to change the wireless games space and with enabling technologies making this easier a whole lot of interesting products are on their way. Digital Bridges is at the forefront of providing what we as developers need to quickly create new gaming experiences as well as integrating with existing content."

Digital Bridges believe that the wireless Internet will become the most significant media delivery channel of the 21st century. Recent market research and analysis shows that its growth over the next several years will be phenomenal, with approximately 200 million users in Europe and the USA, regularly making use of wireless entertainment services by the year 2005, generating over $6bn per year.

Kevin Bradshaw, CEO and founder of Digital Bridges commented, ¡§Digital Bridges are committed to bringing the best possible games to this exciting new medium - providing the ¡¥killer applications¡¦ that will drive this wireless revolution. We are delighted to welcome our first North American developers into the Digital Bridges family. The USA has a fantastic reputation for innovation and production in all areas of games and entertainment, so we are looking forward to announcing the first titles from North America in the very near future.¡¨

Notes to Editors:
Digital Bridges Ltd.
Digital Bridges was created in 1998; its goal is to be the world leader in building a network of entertainment channels for mobile devices on the wireless Internet. The company brings three major assets to the new medium of wireless communications: delivery technology, distribution and publishing capabilities and content design experience. Digital Bridges is the creator of UNITY, the universal wireless entertainment technology solution. Since its launch in the second quarter of 2000, Digital Bridges initial Wireless Entertainment channel, Wirelessgames has been a runaway success. The channel is currently carried live on twenty mobile network operators around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.digitalbridges.com.

UNITY generates and delivers interactive entertainment content. It is capable of supporting many thousands of simultaneous users in multi-user, multi-language online sessions, with each user receiving content automatically optimised for their chosen device. Whilst currently in use to deliver services to the first generation of WAP-based mobile handsets, UNITY supports all future device and network technologies, including GPRS, UMTS, all future extensions of the WAP protocols, Java and all client device operating systems such as Symbian, PalmOS and PocketPC. UNITY has been adopted by a number of key partners throughout the telecommunications infrastructure and content provision sectors to create what is already a de facto standard for the creation and supply of games and entertainment services to mobile device users worldwide.

Digital Bridges Ltd.
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