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The Ultimate Wireless Solution from the Warm Country of the North

Reykjavik, Iceland, April 19, 2001

Confused about mobile standards? Fed up with writing WML? Wondering how to migrate your web and mobile content to XHTML? Dimons Waporizer is the solution you need.

Iceland based Dimon Software is releasing an all new Waporizer product suite including Waporizer Server, Waporizer Development Tool (DevTool) and Waporizer Connectors.

With over 80% mobile phone penetration and 77% Internet connectivity for its adult population, Iceland leads the way in the adoptation of the mobile Internet. And three out of every four Icelandic mobile Internet sites are built with Waporizer.

The new Waporizer Server is based on a modular transformation architecture that makes it easy to add new features. The Server hooks up to a number of sources including, XML and HTML, and dynamically transforms interactive content and services not only to WAPs WML but also to XHTML, HDML and cHTML (I-mode). It operates easily with any handheld device, PDA or mobile.

Moreover, Waporizer Server offers device specific delivery to the most popular devices within each standard. And Waporizers modular architecture makes it a easy for Dimons customers to update the device templates as new mobiles and PDAs hit the market.

"We are working with our customers to convert not only from web to mobile but also from legacy data to XML and from big screens to small screens like the iPAQ" says Hjalti Thorarinsson, Dimons Managing Director. "With the proliferation of devices on the market, it becomes ever more important to implement a future proof solution that will support all devices. Waporizer Server does just that."

The underlying technology is exclusively based on open standards maintained by such organizations as W3 and the WAP Forum which ensures that companies can draw on industry standard skills when working with Waporizer.

The Waporizer Development Tool, which accompanies the Server, enables developers to rapidly convert XML assets to mobile form. It automatically generates XSL stylesheets and stylesheet chains which the developer can access, and edit, in a special window. The DevTools easy to use GUI includes a device specific preview and an XHTML tree editing pane.

"Waporizer is developed by professional developers for professional developers" says Thorarinsson, "so we have made all the internal clockwork as accessible as possible." With IT customers shying away from proprietary black box architectures, Waporizers open architecture and open standards philosophy gives Dimon an edge in the IT marketplace. According to Thorarinsson, Dimon also plans to include an open API in a future release.

Rounding out the Waporizer Suite are the Waporizer Connectors, provided by Dimon and Dimons development partners. The Connectors hook up to 3rd party systems and convert data to XML which can be read by the Server or the DevTool. Already available and in use are connectors for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.

Limited trial versions of the DevTool 1.0 and the Server 2.1 are downloadable from Dimons website for free.

With GPRS services and handsets hitting the market later this year, it looks like mobile web development will definitely accelerate in the next quarters. At least that is what Dimon is betting on. "The mobile Internet is just starting, and we are building Waporizer to better serve our clients over the future generations of mobile development" says Thorarinsson. "Wed like to invite all developers to try our product, because the time to start preparing is now."

About Dimon Software

Based in Iceland, Dimons core competence is building software solutions for content delivery over the Internet. With its most recent Waporizer®product suite , Dimon has solved the mobile Internet content bottleneck, enabling customers to leverage their IT assets by moving existing applications, content and services straight onto any mobile platform. Founded in Iceland in 1998, Dimon has partners and customers in Europe and the United States. Dimons customers include Zoom.co.uk, Icelandair and the Icelandic Subsidiary of Western Wireless.

Partners include Nokia Networks, Hewlett-Packard and 724 Solutions Dimon Software is a member of the WAP Forum. More information can be found on Dimons Website, http://www.dimonsoftware.com.

For further information, please contact:

- Sveinn Valfells at Dimon Software, [email protected], +354 895 6385.
- Adda Steina Bjornsdottir at Inntak, [email protected], +354 693 5204.