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LPG Innovations demonstrates first WAP push connection in regular cellular network

Finnish mobile software company LPG Innovations has demonstrated the first funtioning WAP push connection. The connection was made over a GSM / GPRS network using a regular WAP phone. WAP push will be featured in future versions of LPG Innovations mobile office solution, LPG WAPoffice(TM).

LPG WAPoffice enables wireless access to basic office applications such as email, calendar and addressbook. With WAP push, users receive notifications of incoming email and new calendar entries directly to their handsets. The notifications contain direct links to email and calendaring systems.

Push technology is one of most significant features in the new WAP 1.2.1 standard. It enables a WAP session to be automatically opened from the network. By using push technology, information can be automatically pushed from the Internet to the mobile device.

Push technology introduces new kinds of mobile services. An example is a service that continuously tracks the online stock market sending alerts to users WAP terminals when shares reach a preset limit. The alert message can include additional information such as a direct link to the online stock brokerage.

New WAP 1.2.1 standard also enables services resembling instant messaging to be built in a WAP environment. WAP push messages resemble SMS messages, but offer a better user interface for manipulating data. Compared to a SMS message, WAP push offers the additional benefit of longer messages, because the messages are not restricted to 160 characters as in SMS messages.

LPG Innovations succesful WAP push connection was made using a Nokia Activ Server 2.0 and Ericsson R520m developers test version, one of the first mobile phones compliant with the WAP 1.2.1 standard.

Kimmo Mäkinen, LPG Innovations development manager believes that the first services based on push technology will be available within the next few months.
First WAP push services will be enhanced news and email services. WAP push enables email services where incoming mail notifications are pushed directly to the phone. The push message also includes a direct link to the email message.

LPG Innovations (http://www.lpginnovations.com), founded in 1994, is one of the mobile Internets early pioneers. The company provides service level enhancing solutions for corporations, operators and service providers. LPG Innovations focuses on transforming new technologies to highly scalable solutions with open interfaces and inbuilt fault tolerance. LPG Innovations customers include mobile operators (Sonofon), b-to-b service providers (End2End, LCI Mobile), and large corporations (BMW, Ericsson Finland). LPG Innovations partners include Hewlett-Packard, Cap Gemini Ernst Young, and Oracle. The company is owned by employees and the venture capital companies Softbank Europe Ventures and CapMan Capital Management. Currently, LPG Innovations employs 120 people in three Finnish development centres and branch offices in UK and Germany.

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Mr. Esa Aho, Senior Vice President, Marketing, LPG Innovations Oy
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