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Diversinet Passport Portal enables Wireless PKI Services in WAP Devices

San Francisco, CA - RSA Conference 2001 April 9, 2001 - Diversinet Corp. (NASDAQ Small Cap: DVNT), a leading provider of m-commerce security infrastructure solutions, today announced its new Passport Portal product for the provision of end-to-end security solutions in m-commerce transactions over WAP-enabled devices.

Diversinet is helping to accelerate m-commerce by providing mobile operators and enterprises with carrier-class transaction security solutions. The new Passport Portal provides a complete security solution for financial institutions and service providers to support secure and easy-to-use mobile e-commerce over WAP-enabled devices.

Strong digital signatures are increasingly being recognized as the most effective means to identify customers and provide for secure remote access to enterprise applications. Recent legislation in North America, Europe, and Asia has made digital signatures legally binding, providing more flexibility and options for merchants wishing to offer m-commerce services. Passport Portal is designed to enable enterprises and service providers to offer strong client authentication solutions to their customers over WAP devices.

The Passport Portal provides WAP device users with a single point of access to acquire digital certificates and validate those certificates and digital signatures. This single access point bridges the wireless and wired world by allowing WAP devices to effectively communicate with standards-based X.509 Public-Key Infrastructures.

Passport Portals data driven design is unique in the industry as it supports multiple certificate profiles and certificate management standards, including Diversinets next-generation Certificate Server planned for launch later this year, said Hussam Mahgoub, Vice President of Products, Diversinet Corp. Other solutions are very limited, supporting only a few fixed certificate types and are cumbersome to conform to future trends.

Diversinets Passport Portal is an open, standards-based solution with highly advanced, leading-edge architecture and technology that is both scalable and flexible. By incorporating support for Java, Java Message Service (JMS) technology, and Extensible Markup Language (XML), the portal provides a simple and standard interface for managing certificates and enabling applications to extend and customize the Passport Portal to any environment. The Passport Portal seamlessly and easily integrates with mobile environments and Internet applications.

Diversinets years of experience in developing wireless security solutions contributed heavily to the development of the WAP WPKI specification. We are well positioned to design and implement these next generation wireless security solutions so that they are simple, scalable, and provide the robust PKI infrastructure demanded by carrier-grade deployments, said Verne Meredith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Diversinet Corp.

Designed for compliance with the WAP WPKI specifications, Diversinets Passport Portal uses Wireless Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide the security aspects required for true authentication and generation of digital signatures for servers and mobile clients. The Passport Portal is expected to be available in the spring of 2001.

About Diversinet Corp.
Diversinet is enabling mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) services with its wireless security infrastructure solutions. The company has recently been confirmed by the Yankee Group (reference; The Yankee Group Report: Wireless/Mobile Technologies, Vol. 1, No. 7, September 2000, by Emily Williams and David Berndt), as having the leading product technology for the delivery of end-to-end wireless security infrastructure solutions to wireless device makers, ASPs and operators, application software developers and network infrastructure providers. For more information on Diversinet, visit the companys web site at http://www.dvnet.com.


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