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Sheffield: Dialogue today announced the launch of an over-the-air (OTA) WAP provisioning service aimed at Service Providers (SPs) retailing mobile phones. The Dialogue solution enables SPs to send SMS data that authenticates the account and remotely configures the handset to access the mobile Internet freeing customers from reading manuals and keying in complex set-up instructions.

The Dialogue service offers secure and accurate mobile phone provisioning in a high-volume environment. It also allows SPs to provide direct access to their own mobile portal, together with the option of changing the service setting if required in the future.

The mobile Internet will only succeed if it is easy to access and simple to use OTA removes the entry barrier and gets people on board without wading through instruction manuals, said Dialogue marketing director Paul Griffiths.

The new service is a valued-added option available through Envelos Dialogues hosted mobile Internet messaging service. This revenue-generating platform provides instant access to a robust and flexible engine, from which SPs and enterprises can develop a range of offerings, such as adding a messaging capability to a web site.

Sheffield-based Dialogue Communications, established in 1994, is a world leader in the development and implementation of mobile data and Internet messaging solutions. The companys technology bridges the gap between the fixed and mobile worlds delivering carrier class platforms and services to both service provider and enterprise customers around the globe. For further information about Dialogue Communications please see http://www.dialogue.co.uk.