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Digital Mobility launches Wireless Cube

Affordable ‘one-box’ solution for SME’s offers secure mobile access to Web, email and corporate networks

04 April 2001: Now small to medium enterprises can build their own plug and play wireless messaging solution in minutes with the launch by mobile Internet solutions developer Digital Mobility Limited (http://www.digimob.com) of the Wireless Cube.
Ideal for any company that needs to provide staff with mobile access to email, SMS notification of received email, web and other network resources, the Wireless Cube offers businesses the simplest one box answer to providing mobile SMS and WAP services to corporate workgroups.
Quick to set up thanks to its powerful wizard configuration interface even for non-IT specialists the low-cost Wireless Cube supports a complete family of SMS and WAP User services, enabling organisations to roll out a wireless messaging extension to their own corporate Intranet quickly, efficiently and economically.
Available in a range of hardware configurations (retail pricing from UK £1999 ex VAT) based around the popular Sun Cobalt Qube(TM) server, the Wireless Cube supports a full suite of plug and play messaging services developed by Digital Mobility, ranging from web-based WAP gateway management to SMS-to-Intranet messaging and Email-to-SMS message forwarding.
To deliver even closer integration between corporate resources and mobile personnel, Digital Mobility also offers a WAP application authoring service. This turnkey service includes design and installation of a custom interface between centralised resources and mobile users. Examples of custom applications include real-time access via WAP to parts inventories, price lists and contacts databases.
With the Wireless Cube, at last its quick, easy and affordable for companies to build a wireless messaging extension to their own corporate network, comments Digital Mobility COO Johan Sjöquist. The Wireless Cube gives all employees secure Internet and Intranet access via their mobile phone independent of their cellular network at a cost-to-performance ratio that puts it well within reach of even small organisations.

The Digital Mobility and Sun Microsystems relationship is significant because it delivers low-cost easy wireless services to the SME market in an appliance form, and extends the Cobalt platform reach into the growing wireless market, says Nick White, Business Development Manager, Sun Microsystems Server Appliance Division, EMEA.

SMS User Services
Send SMS from an Intranet Web Page the Wireless Cube provides an easy to use web interface accessible to all Intranet or selected users, enabling them to send SMS messages to SMS-enabled phones.
Send SMS into your Enterprise Intranet allow employees, client or partners to send SMS messages directly to a specified email address in your organisation. You can reply to their SMS simply by sending a reply email.
Send SMS from your Email Account allow employees and systems to send SMS messages just like sending an email. Simply send an email and an SMS message will automatically be forwarded to any mobile phone.

WAP User Services
Secure mobile access to corporate networks In combination with corporate access solutions, the Wireless Cube provides secure mobile access to enterprise systems such as email, calendar, databases, ERP systems, etc.
WAP email client the Airmail(R) WAP email client provides mobile, secure and operator independent access to corporate email systems through corporate dial-up facilities using the corporates own WAP gateway.

Sales, licensing and distribution enquiries:
Maria Martin
Digital Mobility Limited
Cube hotline: +44 20 7373 1391
[email protected]

For further information, please contact:
Johan Sjöquist
COO, Digital Mobility Limited
Tel: +44 20 7738 1999
[email protected]

For Sun/Cobalt:
Rebecca Jones/Manuela Davanzo
VP Ltd
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 020 8964 0277
Tel: 020 8964 0260

Susanna Kolsch
Sun Microsystems
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 0118 935 6210
Tel: 0118 935 6200

About Digital Mobility
Digital Mobility Limited (http://www.digimob.com) offers business-to-business customers and their end-users a wide range of affordable and secure mobile Internet solutions, enabling them to take full advantage of the business opportunities offered by m-commerce across a full range of mobile platforms spanning GSM, GPRS, i-mode, EDGE and 3G.

Digital Mobility hosts and delivers mobile Internet services and applications via the WirelessHub, its secure server that supports content hosting, user authentication and session management. Hewlett-Packard distributes Digital Mobilitys end-to-end secure m-commerce solution for banking and other financial services customers.

Digital Mobility continues to produce other innovative products and solutions spanning mobile messaging, data communication, browsers and gateways, as well as mobile and embedded software design.

About Sun Cobalt Server Appliances
Sun Cobalt server appliances and Chili!Soft ASP technology help enable organisations to establish an online presence easily, cost effectively and reliably. The Sun Cobalt appliance product line - the Sun Cobalt RaQ XTR, Sun Cobalt Qube, Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ, Sun Cobalt RaQ, Sun Cobalt VelociRaptor and Chili!Soft ASP - are used by businesses, service providers, and educational institutions for Internet and Web hosting services. The Sun Cobalt solutions are delivered through a global network of distributors, value-added resellers and Internet service providers. For more information about Sun Cobalt server appliances please visit http://www.cobalt.com.