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Mgage Systems delivered Mobile Chat application to D2 Vodafone

D2 Vodafone launches Mgage Mobile Chat application delivered by Ericsson Germany’s co-operation partner Mgage Systems. The Mobile Chat application is demonstrated at the world's largest IT show, CeBIT, in the D2 Vodafone stand (Pavilion 35) in Hannover, Germany. The Mobile Chat is accessible through D2 Vodafone’s mobile portal.

Mobile Chat is a real time chat service that can be used from WAP phones as well as over the web. It brings all the familiar Internet chat functionality right down in the mobile terminal, enabling users to chat mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-web and web-to-web. Simply log on to a chat room and start chatting with people from all over the world. This is a unique application and it adds true value to the consumers. No matter what brand of phone or PC, everyone can join as long as they have Internet access.

"Mgage can already today offer a wide range of mobile messaging applications to mobile operators and service providers that wish to offer their customers new high value services", says Styrbjörn Horn, CEO of Mgage Systems. The company is working closely with mobile operators and device and infrastructure vendors, and is committed to making the best mobile messaging applications to satisfy the needs of the end users. "Mobile messaging applications like Mgages Mobile Chat will be the real drivers for mobile Internet, specially for the mobile generation, and community services will become the cornerstone of every mobile operators service offering. I believe that Mgage with its extensive messaging portfolio is very well suited to satisfy that need, added Mr Horn.

The mobile generation have already adopted SMS messaging as a preferred way to communicate and are the fastest growing users of text messages. Today e-mail is the number one application on the Internet and messaging services like ICQ and Yahoo Messenger are tremendous successes with millions of users. Up until now, users have been forced to use a stationary computer to keep in touch. Now users are going mobile. The first inkling fact is that more than 15 billions of SMS messages were sent in January 2001 alone.

Ericsson Germany and Mgage Systems intend to extend collaboration between the two companies where Mgage Systems develop mobile messaging applications and Ericsson will introduce the applications to mobile operators and service providers.

"To complement our own development activities we are constantly scanning the global market for leading edge solutions that enrich the product range of our customer", says Bernd Schmidt, Director Business Management, Mannesmann Group, Ericsson Germany.

Mgage Systems provide mobile operators and service providers in Europe with innovative mobile messaging applications. The company was founded in February 2000 backed up by strong international investors. Today Mgage Systems employ 35 people in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The vision is to be a world-leading provider of mobile messaging applications - King of Mobile Messaging. For more information: http://www.mgage.com


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