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Columbitech offers secure WAP solution to service providers

Columbitech, the wireless software company, today announced a complete range of products that enable service providers to host and deliver end-to-end secure WAP services. As a result, corporate WAP services requiring strong security will be easier to implement and manage.

Corporate customers demand higher levels of WAP security, and we have already managed to eliminate the security gap in WAP with our WAP server product, Columbitech WAP Connector, says Lars Resenius, Software Development Director at Columbitech. The natural next step is to extend our product portfolio for WAP to enable service providers to offer enterprise WAP services while maintaining end-to-end security.

Columbitech WAP Connector Suite consists of the following products:
Columbitech Mobile Relay Server for WAP
Columbitech WAP Configuration Service
Columbitech WAP Authentication Service
Columbitech WAP Connector
Columbitech WAP Mail
Columbitech Secure Proxy Client

Columbitech Mobile Relay Server
By using Columbitech Mobile Relay Server, end-to-end security is maintained between the WAP terminal and the WAP server, regardless of where the wireless access point or the WAP server is hosted. Columbitech Mobile Relay Server, if placed at a service providers premises, is capable of redirecting WAP traffic without breaking WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security) security in the process. Columbitech Mobile Relay Server opens up for service providers to offer hosting of wireless services and applications. The product is available for Beta testing. General availability is scheduled for Q2 this year.

Columbitech WAP Configuration Service
For a secure WAP service to be widely spread to users, there must be a convenient way of handling the complex configuration of WAP devices. Columbitech WAP Configuration Service delivers configuration settings via SMS (Short Message Service). The recipient can either accept or reject the settings provided by the SMS. Columbitech WAP Configuration Service is an application for sending WAP configurations to Ericsson and Nokia phones and the product is commercially available as of this announcement.

Columbitech WAP Authentication Service
Columbitech now offers an add-on to its existing WAP server, Columbitech WAP Connector, for providing single-time password user authentication services. Columbitech Authentication Service is compatible with Microsofts IIS (Internet Information Server) and leading third party authentication methods. General availability is scheduled for Q2 this year.

Please contact:

Pontus Bergdahl, CEO, Columbitech
Tel +46 8 556 08 100 or +46 70 495 16 14
E-mail: [email protected]

Lars Resenius, Software Development Director, Columbitech
Tel + 46 8 556 08 100 or +46 70 760 34 60
E-mail: [email protected]

About Columbitech
Columbitech develops and markets secure wireless software for remote access to corporate data. The company is privately held with offices in Stockholm, Sweden. Columbitech has one of the worlds leading development teams in its area that has been developing sophisticated wireless data communication software since 1994. Columbitech is a full member of the WAP Forum and Intels Mobile Data Initiative - next generation. Check out: http://www.columbitech.com