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Sasken releases iWAVE WAP Gateway conforming to WAP 1.2.1 standard

March 1, 2001, Bangalore, India - Sasken Communication Technologies Limited (formerly Silicon Automation Systems Limited) announced the release of the iWAVE WAP Gateway release conforming to the WAP 1.2.1 standard.

Sasken iWAVE WAP Gateway incorporates the full WAP 1.2.1 standards, including the Push Proxy Gateway and CC/PP server. Sasken also provides the Pap-mate set of APIs to enable implementation of PAP protocol, which substantially eases the development of Push applications.

Sasken iWAVE technology incorporates open interfaces to allow integration of wireless applications. These include: ODBC for interfacing with databases to store the usage information, SNMP to allow management of the Gateway as a component in the whole network by any SNMP manager and LDAP for authentication using any LDAP compliant user directory. This enables application developers and users to use common resources in management, user authentication and user billing. Extensive user and usage information is logged enabling sophisticated billing systems.

The iWAVE Gateway provides its own WTLS and SSL implementation, with direct licensing arrangement from RSA, supporting all commonly available mobiles. It also supports common Certificate Authorities (CAs) as well as user defined CAs.

Sasken iWAVE WAP gateway is a carrier class performance gateway, offered on the Sun Solaris platform and is easily portable to other platforms. High performance and scalability is ensured by highly optimized c code with support for multiple instantiation and clustering. Support for multiple bearers like SMS, CSD and GPRS enables deployment in varying environments.

Sasken offers the iWAVE WAP Gateway technology on an OEM licensing basis to wireless solution integrators, with complete technology transfer including source code, documentation and training. This will enable the solution integrator to tightly integrate and optimize their solutions and also have flexibility on their pricing.

The iWAVE technology was developed with the aim of enabling the Wireless Internet solutions providers and service provider to deploy market differentiating solutions for their customers, said Rajeev Agrawal, Vice President, Internet Access Solutions Sasken. iWave enriches the mobile Internet experience for the end users by providing anytime, anywhere connectivity and features like pushing personalized information to users.

About Sasken Communication Technologies Limited
Sasken Communication Technologies Limited is a leading provider of telecommunications software services and solutions to network equipment manufacturers, mobile terminal vendors and semiconductor companies. Sasken delivers end-to-end solutions that enable richer content delivery on next generation networks by building on its accumulated technical expertise in wireless and broadband technologies, signal processing and IC design. Sasken provides high quality solutions that enable customers to cut time-to-market in a cost-effective manner. Since its inception in 1989, Sasken has grown to be over 1000 strong and has its headquarters in Bangalore, India with offices in US, Japan, UK, Canada and Sweden. Sasken is a full member of the WAP Forum and has an dedicated WAP development team. For more information about Sasken, visit its web site at http://www.sasken.com.

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