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RELEASE DATE: MONDAY, February 26, 2001


Sheffield Dialogue today demonstrated the worlds first application to use the WAP protocol to push an email to a mobile terminal. This breakthrough marks a milestone for mobile messaging with users now being notified of incoming emails, rather than having to manually dial in to check the status of their inbox. They can then read, reply, forward or delete the message directly from their phone.

This technology supercedes the current method of notification, which uses SMS text messages to alert users of incoming mail. This requires recipients to dial in and confirm their user name and password an unnecessary step with WAP push, which automatically carries all authentication details when it delivers the message to the handset.

WAP notification is the logical next step in the progression of mobile messaging and gives the phone all the functionality a user would expect from a corporate email system, said Oliver Jonas, Dialogue Laboratories research and development manager. Once again Dialogue is ahead of the competition in delivering key functionality and we expect the next generation of WAP mobiles to greatly benefit from this breakthrough.

The push application will be available with the next version of Dialogues Expressway 2000, which acts as a broker for WAP enabled devices, providing a fully functional email client on a phone. It is available for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris and HP Unix.

Dialogue Laboratories, the research and development engine of the company has established itself as a global centre for mobile technology innovation. Since 1996, when it demonstrated the worlds first transmission of an email to a mobile phone, Dialogues research engineers have pioneered many breakthroughs. These include the first wireless transmissions of email attachments and reverse charge billing for mobile transactions.

Sheffield-based Dialogue Communications is a world leader in the development and implementation of mobile data and Internet messaging solutions. The companys technology bridges the gap between the fixed and mobile worlds delivering carrier class platforms and services to both service provider and enterprise customers around the globe. For further information about Dialogue Communications please see http://www.dialogue.co.uk.